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    Default Anyone tried Annie Oakley Fragrances?

    Well, when I was picking up some chairs from a woodworker, I talked smellies for a moment. He told me about a company named Annie Oakley, named after the famous cowgirl from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show back in the early 20th century.

    I checked their website, and they're a company based in Ligonier, Indiana (that's a northeast Indiana town near my home of Fort Wayne, BTW). They offer several collections of perfumes: there's a Florals collection, consisting of six floral perfumes; three eau de colognes (Citrus & Honey, Evening Lavender, and Verbena Blossom), and a men's fragrance named Stampede. They also offer an aromatherapy/oils line, too. The website does have a store locator, and they do offer a free sample pack of their fragrances (a $7.95 shipping charge applies).

    Has anyone seen or tried this line?
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Anyone tried Annie Oakley Fragrances?

    Gee. Kudos for locating a most obscure perfumery in America's heartland.

    The store locator shows 13 outlets near me. I guess I never had cause to visit the Horse Emporium before.
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