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    Default What are your opinions of JPG Blue?..

    I just got a bottle of it as a gift. I tried to search for opinions but I cant even find a site that sells it!
    Has anyone tried it?

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    Default Re: What are your opinions of JPG Blue?..

    It's actually a cheap knockoff that's not authorized or made by Beaute Prestige International (Jean Paul Gaultier's fragrance licensee). If you look closely, you'll see that the web address on the can is "" and not the correct "".

    A lot of bottles of this stuff are floating around the Internet (mainly eBay) and unscrupulous retailers. The packaging and bottles of the knockoff "Blue" and the real Le Male look so close that it's gotten to the point where B.P.I. had to make a slight change to the real Le Male bottle, adding a "GAULTIER" stamp to the top rear of the bottle.

    My advice: give it a pitch or contact B.P.I. via the Jean Paul Gaultier website. In fact, B.P.I. is looking for these knockoff bottles so they can track it back to the offending company who made this.
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    Default Re: What are your opinions of JPG Blue?..

    Thanks for reply.
    What could the Juice be? It smells very similar to Le Male and has the same bottle. It smells really nice to me. Or is it just plain old Le Male?

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