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    Cool Joop! JUMP -

    Over the weekend I bought a gift set of this scent in JCPenney it was marked down to 40% off for a large edt and deo stick.

    Today I wore it to work and a female employee said it was invoking a headache on her to the point she had to take some Advil. To be honest I smelled in when I first sprayed on in the morning then it disappeared.

    After work I changed and layed my t-shirt on the bed - just a while I went into the bedroom put in in the hamper and I was attacked by the smell of Jump....I guess this is a strong scent that needs a light hand?

    Was I a stinkmeister?
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    Must've been the vodka note? Jump is one of my favorites for a casual scent. Very underappreciated here in the US. Popular in the UK & Europe though.
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    Joop Jump is stinky to me too - it reminds me a lot of the imitation Joop scents that were around. I don't like Joop Go either

    If I must have a variant, I much prefer the Summer Temptation and Beach Clubbing ones.

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