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    Default Old Havana eau de toilette

    I recently received a bottle of this cologne from my friend in Florida - he wanted me to give it a try.

    Of course The Scentimus was intrigued and had to do some research while this parcel was making its way from Miami to Rhode Island.

    I discovered a website The scent is suppose to capture the feeling of Havana the ...heat the women...the Casanova's ..blah...blah.

    The company that is making this scent is HS - a company who's main market is children fragrances - you know the ones like Spiderman cologne, Harry Potter cologne. This is the companies first venture in to the adult market.

    The notes described on the site did sound very inviting but no tabacco notes. The box arrived today and I sampled the scent. To me it reminds me of a reworked YSL Jazz - much more sweeter and modernized. A little on the synthetic but really not that bad. Very long lasting where on me Jazz bombs out after three hours.

    I can see how my friend likes this because he has never smelled Jazz and it is a unique men's scent.

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    Default Re: Old Havana eau de toilette

    I think I've seen this, scentimus - if I'm not mistaken it's in the drugstores here in Miami.

    I will stop and sniff it next time I see it. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Old Havana eau de toilette

    Well guys how are you going with this one ?

    I saw it online for the first time just moments ago ... So I ran this search and found this OLD HAVANA thread ...

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    Default Re: Old Havana eau de toilette

    Yes, I see this one on ebay every once in a while and am curious about it. Anyone?

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    Default Re: Old Havana eau de toilette

    anyone try this sounds interesting

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