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    Default Difference in smell

    I just recently found out that the bottle of GIT i own is fake, or Green Frich Tweed. My question is, how much different is the genuine scent to the fake, if anyone knows of course?

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    the fake one is from my experience a year ago when i first bought creed , i got a bottle from ebay and as soon as i saw it i could tell it was fake and as luck would have it i had a sample of the real deal at the time and belive me the fake juice is nowhere near anything that the GIT is , which is a surefire compliment getter ,
    it smelled to me like a £1 shop cologne with some washing up liquid in it for good measure
    although i guess all fake GIT dont contain the same juice , i mean it could be anything in those bottles.
    if you havent tried the real thing then DEFENITLY try some imho it is a great scent and you shouldnt be dissapointed
    watch out for the SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER FAKE BOTTLES TOO htey are arond as well and that stuff defenitly dosent smell nice lol
    luckily i got refunded by the seller i bought it from but i guess everyone wont be as lucky as i was.

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