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    What does everyone think of this as a one and onyl fragrance? I have currently got CK euphoria and hate it and just ran out of JPG Le Male, I like the smell of it just wondering your opinons, I can't really justify buying more than one fragrance! I'm a student and 19 if that helps!

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    I have a big bottle of this and think it's a good, long-lasting cologne. It smells sophisticated and versatile, and at the age of 19 as you are, you'd naturally become a bit more mature wearing this scent.
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    It's a little too floral for me. Light, but very sweet in a green way. It reminds me of Herrera for Men, but even sweeter, and without any of the spices. It gives me a headache.
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    one of my favs. great longevity ... strong floral-spicy base ... with some aquatic touch, very versatile... for day or night works excellent... great fragance and not so popular..!

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    If you like Le Male, you should try:
    - Rochas Man
    - Gucci Envy

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    Seem to recall liking this one a lot when I was at Harrod's. Regretably, I didn't pick it though as I was obsessed with get M7 Fresh & Opium EdP.
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