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    Default An interesting article about Britney Spears "Believe"

    Found this while reading non-fragrance blog.

    From the site:
    "Britney Spearsís new fragrance, Britney Spears Believe will be out on counters in October, but is available for Pre-order online. The brand for this new fragrance is a complete rip of mondonationís brandÖ"

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    Default Re: An interesting article about Britney Spears "Believe"

    whoa ouch... sounds like a lawsuit in the making

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    Default Re: An interesting article about Britney Spears "Believe"

    its not even that fantastic of a logo... i mean not to bring the mondonation team down... its nice and all... but really it just doesnt even seem worth stealing ? (considering the consequences) - bizzare!
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