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    Default Suggestions..given my profile..

    If you don't mind to weigh in just a little at least, let me tell you about my style and line of work and then if you can please give me your input on which of the following fragrances would suit me "the most" based on what you read.
    I'm a 28 year old banker, thin, 6'1, 190lbs, dark hair, ...I, of course, dress up daily in suits or sometimes khakis, shirt, and tie,... I'm pretty classic in my style (usually either nicely cut white dress shirts or light blue) but also appreciate a modern edge. My favorite style icons are Cary Grant, George Clooney, and then Josh Duhamel from Las Vegas. I want something that's not only classy and distinguished, but "sexy" as well.
    Between these 3: Green Irish Tweed, Bond No. 9 Hamptons, and New Tabarome. Sorry if I seem insecure...just a poll here to see what would automatically come to you guys' minds...


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    Default Re: Suggestions..given my profile..

    I would say Green Irish Tweed. However, I would also recommend you look into sampling D'orsay - Le Dandy. You might also want to sample these fragrances considering when I first came to this board I almost bought some creed fragrances blind. I learned quickly after sampling several that I was not fond of ambergris which is very common in Creed fragrances.

    Personally, I would wear Green Irish Tweed with the khakis shirt and tie. I would however wear something else for when I wear a suit. If you are a fan of ambergris I would recommend you consider Bois du Portugal. Seeing on how you are 28, you shouldn't feel it is too mature for you. Me personally, Le Dandy is what I'd wear with the suit.
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    Default Re: Suggestions..given my profile..

    Of your choices, I would also list Green Irish Tweed as your best bet... It's a shame you are limiting yourself to those three though.. Though I would consider Erolfa a far sexier office choice than GIT.. which feels a little rigid to me.. stuff

    If I wanted to wear something edgy, classy...smooth..distinct.. I'd reach for me:

    Lalique EDP,
    PDN New York,
    Guerlain's Heritage EDT,
    Cartier's Declaration, Pasha or Must
    Bulgari PH Extreme,
    YSL's Rive Gauche,
    Creed's Himalya,
    good ol' Chanel PM.

    I know this likely doesn't help..but thems the breaks.


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    Default Re: Suggestions..given my profile..

    "Sexy" to you or "sexy" to others? New Tabarome is not sexy, it is a great fragrance. I'm not sure if GIT is any "sexier", but again, it is a fine fragrance.
    When I think of sexy, I think of something slightly dirty or gourmand. I like the idea of Heritage, but it may be too grown up for a 28 year old.
    Perhaps, Frederick Malle's Musc Ravageur? Now that one speaks of things that are quite sexy.
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