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    Default Top quality designers

    I know this topic has been covered, but I cant find any threads that were in existence since before the server change.

    I have received Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan as a gift and have a mill imperial sample. The sublime quality of these two is the most noticeable thing (even though Im not overly fond of MI it is obviously something special). Due to an almost non existent availability in South Africa of Niche frags I have been restricted to designers.

    Now that I have (very very limited) experience with Niche frags, designer frags seem so harsh. This is something Gaius Julius Caesar goes on about a lot and I now see where he is coming from.

    For me there are very few designer frags that have any quality....

    Kouros is by far the best.

    I wore Relax yesterday and it was good but wasn't as smooth as I had remembered. But its still great quality.

    Fahrenheit is very "chemically" but I find its not harsh or unpleasant

    And of course Eau Sauvage.

    Other than those I dont think any of the designer frags in my 'drobe match up to niches (in terms of quality. eg: MI is higher quality to Bulgari Aqua, but Bulgari Aqua is better IMO.)
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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    im not a niche-y person
    designers...really depends...the difference from dior homme ot calvin klein...

    all designers want is money...honestly....right?
    Chanel - Cuire de Ruissie and Eau de Cologne
    Penhaligons - Quercus, Castille, and Raquets
    Dior -Eau Noire, Dior Homme Cologne, Dior Homme Intense, and Dior Sweet Sun
    Frédéric Malle - Angelique sous la pluie and Eau d'Hiver
    L'Artisan - l'eau de l'artisan and bois farine
    Hermès - Elixir des Merveilles, Jardin sur Nil, and Hermessence Confret.

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    YSL Rive Gauche and M7
    Terre d´Hermés
    Chanel Egoiste and Antaeus
    Dior Homme and Eau Sauvage
    Narciso Rodrigeuz for Him
    John Varvatos
    Guerlain Vetiver

    there are nice for designer scents

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    It's funny but, soon after joining Basenotes, I decided to buy only designer scents and to restrict niche frags to decants. At the time, I loved designer scents and thought that niche either wouldn't appeal to me as much or, if it did, couldn't be justified by the price tag. I was very reluctant to invest in a full-size bottle of ANY expensive/niche juice. I suppose, at this early stage, I hadn't fully appreciated the art of pefumery (and, initially, I really wasn't planning to invest a lot of money in scents).

    However, after a few months of testing niche decants and samples, my tastes gradually changed and I suddenly felt the need to purchase my first SL scent (I think it was Arabie). I also realised that I wasn't too keen on having a decant collection and decided to only collect full-sized bottles. By this point, I was completely in love with my decants more than my designer scents. With every niche bottle I purchased, one of my designer scents was evicted. Now my niche bottles outnumber my designer bottles...

    I totally agree about the harshness of most designer frags - I think that's why my signature scent for nearly a decade (Le Male) no longer appealed to me and was promptly sold. To me, Experimenting with niche scents is almost like losing your innocence once again - once you've been exposed, it's literally impossible to go back. Nowadays, whenever I try to find a new addition, I'm always looking for a niche and not a designer.

    rompip, this is just the next logical step in your personal olfactory development. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    i got both niche and designer scents and i also switch the fragrances.

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    While I enjoy both, I do notice the difference now. I went into Macy's the other day and remember having the thought about how many of the frag's were so characterless or one-dimensional. Not all, but many.
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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    I too began with an emphasis on designer fragrances and a skeptical view of "niche" lines. I think what led me to branch out (so that now more than half my wardrobe is on the niche side) is not mainly a difference in quality. Instead, I now have a wardrobe full of scents I love, so if I'm going to buy another, it has to give me something new and distinctive -- I'm not interested in a slight variation on something I already have. I think niche fragrances cover a wider "fragrance space," whereas designer scents -- especially newer releases -- tend to occupy a small, safe portion of this space.

    That said, scents like Calvin, Terre d'Hermes, and Armani Eau pour homme aren't likely to be cast out of my wardrobe anytime soon.
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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    ^ I agree with PaulSC. The fragrance space of niche challenges me more often and fills voids in my drobe that most designer frags can't. There are always exceptions however.

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    I concentrate much more on the scent itself, rather than its designer or niche roots. However, there are certainly inspired designer scents that equal or better niche scents. I'm thinking of YSL Opium (especially the women's version), Nino Cerruti Pour Homme, Jean Patou Pour Homme, Spazio Krizia Uomo, Laura Biagiotti's Roma Uomo, Romeo Gigli per Uomo, Hermes Equipage (and quite possibly Terre), Zino Davidoff, Shiseido Basala, and Ricci's Signoricci. I love all these the equal of any of the many niche scents in my collection.

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    When Sephora first opened in the US, it was such a revelation. It was a "Designer Fragrance" library that spanned decades. Little cards listing the designer's name, ingredients and the year it was introduced were hanging in front of every fragrance, A- Z. It was the first place I discovered Caron pour un Homme. Can you imagine seeing anything by Caron in a Sephora today? They also carried Comme des Garçons and Yohji.
    The Paris Sephora on the Champs Élysées hasn't given up on this idea.
    I guess all those classics and cult fragrances didn't sell too well in the US. And, who can compete with all the discount internet shops? I'm not complaining, I buy almost exclusively on the internet.
    So where does one actually go to try a good sampling of "Designer Fragrances" in the US? Bloomingdales, Macy's and Duty Free? I feel Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Filene's Basement all do a better job of offering unusual choices than the department stores.
    I was in Dusseldorf last month and visited the German equivalent to Sephora, a chain called Douglas, there I was able to try the "Designer Fragrances" that I've only read about on Basenotes: Cacharel pour Homme, Aigner 2, Basala, JHL, etc. It was actually exciting to be in that store.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    I enjoy niche and designer scents equally.

    Some niche scents I really don't like at all, other designer scents I absolutely love. Vice versa.

    Remember - some perfume noses work on designer scents AND niche scents. Yes, the niche house usually give the noses much better quality ingredients to work with, or more creative control. But nonetheless, sometimes the 'creator' of a scent has a lot to do with how a scent ultimately smells, regardless of who is actually putting their brand name all over it.

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    Default Re: Top quality designers

    Dont get me wrong, I love designer frags!

    Im referring purely to the quality of the scent (more so the ingredients)
    Like my comparison of Bulgari Aqua to MI. There is no comparison in terms of quality of ingredients used (MI wins hands down), but to me the Aqua suits me better and strikes a chord with me.
    Another comparison I can make is Chergui to Bulgari Black. I only wore Chergui once but was amazed by its quality and development, but if they were the same price I would still rather buy the Bulgari Black, i just prefer it. (as a side question, does anyone else get a similarity between Black and Chergui)

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