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    Default SL non-export packing

    Have you seen SL Tubereuse Criminelle in pale beige/pink box/label instead of the black one? Alegedly the old version.

    here is a pic - do you think it is original or fake?
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    Default Re: SL non-export packing

    As the packaging looks not a million miles from the colour of the export range boxes and the seller is 100% in the positive feedback i'd say it looks most likely to be original, as a rule Lutens is pointless faking because not many people outside of fragrance enthusiasts and the label conscious types have ever heard of it and that bottle is just too much effort to fake.
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    Default Re: SL non-export packing

    It is not a fake, I have seen these before. is an old bottle. The fragrance was made in 1999 and I checked a bottle I bought in 2002. At that moment the label on the bell bottle was already black with only the name of the fragrance and ''Serge Lutens" on it.

    Good news is that usually the Lutens exclusives have a very long 'shelf life', even though this one has been opened.
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