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    Default Lacoste Elegance

    Has anyone tried this? I found a sample in this month's esquire magazine and it was really nice. I'm planning on getting it, but I wanna check if anyone has had any experience with it.
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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    You can delete it yourself you know.
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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    not now that you posted
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!

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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    Buy it! Its great................

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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    It's now at Macy's. See the link below to product description. Could this be the one out of countless releases that will stand out this year? We can only hope!

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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    I very much like it. It's on my list of things to get.

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    Smile Re: Lacoste Elegance


    What I enjoy about Elegance is the tutty-fruity start that transitions into a fresh, green forest/underbrush feel. This leads to a peppery heart that then ends in a leathery ambery finish. A dark, dry chocolate accord reigns throughout (especially toward middle and end).

    Shower gel + underarm stick + EDT = mmmmmmmm......

    One of the greatest new ones available in my opinion. Find myself reapplying often though cuz I can't seem to get enough of a good thing!


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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    I had longevity problems with my full wearing of a sample. Anyone else?

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    Hey Jock,
    PS Thanks for your post!

    I have found that fragrance sample accuracy can vary if it's a spray vial or just a glass vial. Which one is the Elegance available in? That could be the problem as I find a spray vial gives a better application.

    But, boy, am I ever anxious to try this new release!

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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    Yes. It was just a glass vial and I slathered it on.
    Smelled niced though. I will give it a shot with the tester spray this weekend.

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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    Just a FYI for those who don't look, at the top of the Basenotes page their is a Lacoste Elegance link in blue where you can order a free sample. Just have to provide info, etc.
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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    Sweet...thanks so much for all of your input. I ordered a sample from the site....but they later sent me an email saying that they are out of samples and cannot send me one at the current time. It's all good though, since Macy's now has it I might just go and check it out.

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    Default Re: Lacoste Elegance

    Quote Originally Posted by Jock_With_Scents View Post
    I had longevity problems with my full wearing of a sample. Anyone else?
    I applied it generously today at 11 am, now it is 20 pm, after a hot day, sweating all day, now after a 40 minutes jogging sweating like a dog: still I can definitely smell it on my wrist, and still I find it very nice. Of all the new releases this year I know, this one is the nearest to my taste and heart.

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