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    Post C&S Dark Rose _ POTL A.Maze _ Montale Black Oud

    Three excellent fragrances, three rose-oud combos, three expensive fragrances.

    I tried a sample of Czech & Speake Dark Rose a while ago, and really loved its restrained yet powerful combo of oud and roses with a woody base. Linear yes, but who cares when the smell is so attractive ?

    A.Maze by People of the Labyrinths - henna, saffron, Taif rose, orange blossom, Wardia rose, agarwood, sandalwood, musk and civet. It smells strikingly similar to Dark Rose.. I get that same distinctive rose-saffron-sandalwood accord, but its rendered more complex here. The henna is a fantastic addition, and those who know its distinctive aroma can easily catch the earthy herbal slightly salty accord in play here. The civet is more subdued, but makes its presence known in the base. Everything else smells the same as Dark far as I recall.

    Montale Black oud smells the most different .. its oud note is also the most intense and medicinal, and the rose-sandalwood-leather accord recalls C&S no. 88 more than Dark Rose.

    I haven't been able to score more Dark Rose to make updated comparisons (for some reason its been out of production for over an year) ; what are your impressions of the three ? Do you detect any similarities ?
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    Default Re: C&S Dark Rose ^ POTL A.Maze ^ Montale Black Oud

    Czech & Speake Dark Rose has been out of production longer than a year now. More like two to two and a half years. It's permanently discontinued as far as I know.

    When Czech & Speake stopped having its fragrances made in Milan (2005) and moved the production of their fragrances to England (2006), the Italian company got to keep or refused to relinquish the formula to Dark Rose claiming it as their creation or something to that effect. If you have a bottle of Dark Rose, or even a decant, you're a very lucky person.

    I am not an oud person, so it wouldn't be fair for me to comment on your question since as a non oud person none of the Montales appeal to me, but I will say that Czech & Speake Dark Rose is the only oud based fragrance I like and can wear. I
    predominantly think of it as rose fragrance, though.


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    Default Re: C&S Dark Rose _ POTL A.Maze _ Montale Black Oud

    i love the smell and like to wear it but black oud is no masterpiece. fortunately it doesn't contain saffron. for overall satisfaction, i've come to prefer aoud lime. it's just another variation of the rose x oud accord. it contains saffron but to me it's barely perceptible if at all.

    czech & speake dark rose's blending is superior to black aoud. as scentemental said, it's more about rose than oud. it develops but not in a profound way. unfortunately, it contains saffron so i wear it less than i used to. saffron just isn't my thing. it also has some mild oriental sweetness. aside from dark rose, diptyque's opone is the best saffron, rose fragrance. overall i usually prefer opone. it's woodier, very little genuine sweetness. opone's a great one

    a maze is as much or more about orange blossom than rose or oud. it contains a lot of saffron. it feels feminine and is relatively loosely blended. it smells good on my girlfriend but she doesn't like it. calls it "perfumey." sillage is big. the oud is almost non-existent compared to black oud and much tamer than that of dark rose as well.

    dark rose and a maze have more in common with each other than they do with black aoud. for starters, black aoud doesn't contain the saffron, and the other two don't possess the patchouli, labdanum, leathery qualities of black aoud.

    dark rose - thumbs up, superior blending though they need to reformulate it, substituting other ingredients in place of the saffron and mild oriental features.
    black aoud - thumbs up. a success for what they were attempting.
    a maze - neutral and best worn on women.
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    Default Re: C&S Dark Rose _ POTL A.Maze _ Montale Black Oud

    Thanks pluran , I am catching the orange blossom more in my a.maze sample after reading your comments. The lack of saffron in black Aoud vs. A. Maze is also noticeable.

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