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    Default Wild Lavender & Acqua di Colonia

    Lorenzo Villoresi is one of my favorite houses and I've tried every male scent he has created now except for Wild Lavender and Acqua di Colonia. My understanding is that these two are still made, but are discontinued in the U.S. I know that Wild Lavender is available in Canada. My question is: Are these two scents worth the trouble and expense of tracking down? The reviews of AdC on Basenotes are bad and there are only a handful of reviews of Wild Lavender. has anybody out there tried these two?

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    Default Re: Wild Lavender & Acqua di Colonia

    you can get wild lavender aka inglese via lafco. order it from the LA store!

    I'm not really into it it's interesting but on me kinda sour. it has black pepper, well, I guess you've read my review of it.

    my best friend is crazy about it.

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    Default Re: Wild Lavender & Acqua di Colonia

    Acqua di Colonia is probably discontinued - don't know about Wild Lavender, the scent formerly known as Inglese. I would think that Wild Lavender is more distinctive than Acqua di Colonia, and with Uomo in the lineup, AdC's days were numbered.

    I am not too wild about wild lavender; its a decent fragrance, with a pleasant lavender-lemon top and a heart of fairly heavy spices which threaten to drown out the lavender. Good, but not great.

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