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    Default I can't go to my wardrobe - can you?

    Hi all - maybe some server-update is going on, but although I sign in, the whole site reacts as if I'm not. like the wardrobe? You also get this problem?

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    Default Re: I can't go to my wardrobe - can you?

    Grant is currently in the process of moving everything to the new server so the wardrobes are down for now. Should be up and running again soon.
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    Default Re: I can't go to my wardrobe - can you?

    I'm sure it has to do with the transition to the new server (as CoL mentions).

    At the moment, however (and it's 8 am Pacific Time, Monday 27 August, as I write this), I get different results from different browsers. From Safari, I can access my wardrobe. From Firefox, I get the "Basenotes Fragrance Wardrobes BETA -- please sign in" page, even though I'm already signed in.

    So maybe try a different browser if you're still having trouble...
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    Default Re: I can't go to my wardrobe - can you?

    Firefox on a Mac I couldn't sign in. Kept bouncing back to the sign in. Camino I can't access the wardrobe.

    The reply box has blossomed giving us lots more options and I see much more info on the pages per. # of posts I've mad per thread, subscriptions etc.

    looks like it should all jell nicely

    and I got my 5 stars back

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