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    Default Ambre Canelle by Creed

    What a pleasant surprise to find that there was a shared Creed fragrance that I was not yet familiar with. I must have thought that Ambre Canelle was a women's scent, because although I had heard the name, I'd never given it any consideration.

    Geez, people! I would have thought that at lease ONE of you would have suggested this gem to me, given my (hopefully known) preference for barbershop-style brittish scents! Ambre Canelle might just be the Fougere I've been looking for all this time! It has the greenness of English Fern and the like, the perfectly-done powder of other Penhaligon's scents, and the masculine floral part, all expertly woven in the resolute style I expect from Creed.

    This just jumped STRAIGHT to the top of my list. I might own this before the day is over.
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    Default Re: Ambre Canelle by Creed

    I have a bottle of Ambre Canelle. It does have a barbershop quality, and is of extremely high quality. It is sometimes mistakenly listed as a womens' scent-- It can be worn by either. That being said, I think it does smell a bit femme with its indolic jasmine.

    When I saw this thread I had to break out my bottle and spray some on my arm, and I'll be damned if it doesn't seem better and more masculine than I remember it. I bought mine because I found a good deal on it and because it is said to contain a prominent ambergris note. Very interesting scent, but not my style-- it's a bit too heavy on the "funk" for me. But man, smelling it right now I'm really impressed with it. The florals aren't as feminine as I had pegged them and there even seems to be a bit of rose in this. The drydown is slightly powdery, yet dry.

    I think it's a pretty formal scent. I don't know where I'd ever wear it, but it's a treat to sniff around the house.

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