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    Default Batch Number Sensitivity - I'm I Crazy???

    Ok, like most people in basenotes, I've known I've had got a keen nose for scents. However, recently I have started noticing the differences between the batch numbers in Jicky EDTs and Parfums.

    No big problem right? Well....the problem is that I have an addiction to Jicky in the EDT batch number 4F01, all other batches make me nauseas. Some have to much rose, others to much herbs or worst too much civet...4F01 is perfection with its effervescent bergamot, sky blue lavender, followed by a horse/barn like civet enveloped in a fog of Guerlinade all eminating from underneath a spicy rice pudding base with a touch of vanilla.

    I only have two bottles left so I've called a bunch of online and department stores with no luck. Whats more...they think I'm crazy as they have never heard of anyone making this request.

    Have you guys ever noticed the differences in batch numbers in any fragrance?

    Do you'all hapen to have Jicky edt #4F01?

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    Default Re: Batch Number Sensitivity - I'm I Crazy???

    I haven't paid attention to the batch numbers, but I have two bottle of Fumerie Turque and I like one alot better than the other one because it has alot less beeswax in it. I've noticed differences (not related to staleness) in Ambre Sultan and Millesime Imperial as well. I assume this is common among fragrances that use more natural ingredients. Many factors like the harvest, the place the ingredients come from etc can affect the fragrance even if the proportions of oils are exactly the same.

    In non niche scents I've noticed differences too, but usually it seems like they're due to staleness.
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