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    Question Where do you guys buy your fragrences from in the US?

    I used to buy mine off of ebay but i have been reading here quite a bit and makes me wonder whether most of the people selling cologne are legit or not. Who knows what i have might be a knock off but i can't tell since this is the first time ive owned a lot of the cologne i bought off of ebay. If you read most of the people selling stuff most have a few negative feedbacks saying this stuff wasn't legit. I would think if it was a retail box you would be safe but im sure where there is money to be made then people will go through any means to make fakes of it. So do you guys steer clear of ebay even if the seller has a lot of feedback? The few ive looked at at least had a couple comments saying they sold fake cologne. The prices on ebay are just so enticing.

    OK if you don't buy on ebay where do you buy most of your cologne at? Is the price that much cheaper than what you would buy it in the store?


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    Default Re: Where do you guys buy your fragrences from in the US? (This company supplies Scentiments, but has different stock.)
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    Default Re: Where do you guys buy your fragrences from in the US?

    I am lucky enough to have access to most of the frags that are available. I get most of my frags from Nordstrom and Neimans. I get the hard to find ones from I also get some of my current ones from there too. Most of the frags are cheaper on than in the store. The perfumes smell good like the ones I get from the dept stores. I was afraid that they would be old and smell funny or stale. I haven't had that problem yet.
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    Default Re: Where do you guys buy your fragrences from in the US?

    I also use as my primary shopping source. In addition I use legit base websites like which is guarenteed to sell real juice.

    If I am not buying from those sites I am buying "used" from the people here. I probably do that the most.

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