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    Default Your Guy's Shirt

    Hey Ladies, Just for thought here…I’ve heard it said that there’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing her man’s best dress shrit and to be able to smell “him” on it. That being said, do you like the idea of your guy having one signature fragrance that he wears day to day that you can associate with “him”, and having that scent associated with him whether on his shirt collar or coming to visit him at the office or whatever.. Or do you prefer your man wear a few different frags that all smell equally good but simply not the same ones day to day? Just curious as to what ya’ll think. Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    My husband doesn't wear scent, so his shirts really do smell of him, and nothing else. Doesn't bother me, really; at least it means we don't clash!

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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    I speak from the opinion of a girlfriend who is not able to post, since she is not a member:

    She loved the multiple scent wearing style rather than sticking with just one because it was too hard to pick one absolute favorite. And she would constantly wear the shirts and sweatshirts that were on me as a result of loving all of them. So, this is a non-signature scent vote from a girl's point of view.

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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    My husband enjoys his frags, so I do like to smell various scents on him that he likes & that I like.
    Lately he has been trying a new scent every day because of all the samples I've been given.
    He's having great fun with it, & so am I.
    Variety is the spice of life!
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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    I love it when Paul has worn Bois de Portugal or New York the day before -- I can still smell it on both him AND his shirts the next morning.

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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    I can't get my guy into scents at all. It's as much as I could do to stop him spraying with Lynx. (Need a vomiting smiley to go here!)
    I got him samples of SMW and VIW and he quite liked them but then lost them. I ended up buying VIW for myself.

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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    My guy normally won't wear scents.At least not on a daily basis,but sometimes he likes to put something on ...mostly for my sake I think. On him I prefer he wears the one I gave him,and not the older bottle,since I really associate it with an ex I really don't need to remember!:O So voting for one scent here:P

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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    The bad news is my husband has lost his sense of smell.
    The good news is I get to pick his scents.
    The two that smell good on him are Eau Sauvage and Pi.
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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt husband in Rousse...mmmm....

    Oh, and has anyone tried RSVP? It's yummy!
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    but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
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    Default Re: Your Guy's Shirt

    My husband doesn't like scents, but he smells good! :-)
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