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    Default Questions about GPH (2003) and some other frags

    I have a few comments and questions about Gucci pour homme. I think it will become my signature scent. I didn't use any $80/3.4 oz EDT's for ages, the last one I had was Armani, released in 1984, which I still remember, I used to use old spices and axes, but now, I decided enough is enough - I'm buying a bottle of real juice. The hundred dollar question is: which one? I've read some reviews on your site and here's a list of stuff I decided to choose from:

    YSL M7
    YSL Rive Gauche pour homme
    Gucci Envy for men
    Gucci pour homme (2003)
    Armani (the good ol citrusy one)
    Armani aqua di Gio

    GPH smells exactly the way people described it, and I agree it depends on your background, I wouldn't describe it as a church/campfire/pencil scent, although it might be true, but rather as a 1st century middle eastern / roman type of scent. I think Olibanum/Incense notes are amazing in a combination with the rest of the stuff, the juice is very woody, I wouldn't describe it as pencil shavings, but that’s just how I perceive things.

    I tried it 2 times, first time sprayed on a card, it has a sharp opening, I wouldn't say there are elements that stand out, its a very well composed scent. The second time I sprayed 3 times on the neck from the tester and one on the wrist, the other wrist had envy (from a box) on it. Here are the impressions:

    GPH fades on me right from the beginning, maybe the heat is to blame, it was a very hot day and I had cold, I know it's not the best time to test any frags. As GPH faded, envy remained strong, one bitter note stood out and then after an hour or two - envy disappeared completely as if somebody switched it off, then gph began to reappear and it smelled great, the smell wasn't very strong but I really liked it, I could smell the remaining notes for a long time, some stuff is still left on my shirt.

    I went to a store again and decided to try some CK's, aquas and bosses - all of them smell like toilet air fresheners - I couldn't even tell the difference between many of them, maybe i tried too many that day. They're too light for me, too pop, feminine and tastless.

    I liked envy, and I'll probably use it as a summer frag, but will it disappear as fast as that 1 shot on my wrist did?

    As for gph :I like everything about it, except the mysterious disappearance, maybe it's not for my skin, maybe the tester wasn't too good, Maybe i should use some lotions, if so which ones?

    Some people here said, it has body odour notes in it. I haven't felt any of them. Did they say it because this is how it reacts with their chemistry or did they say it because they really perceive some notes this way on everyone?

    I tried armani 84 - its very nostalgic i used it a long time ago, but that’s about it. Its too simple, not what I want right now.

    So my choice is narrowed to

    Gucci Envy (summer)
    Gucci pour homme (fall/winter)

    YSL M7 (haven't tried yet)
    YSL Rive Gauche (haven't tried yet)

    What will you recommend? I don't like girly scents and Id like to have something as gph for autumn. I can't find anything similar to it and I don't see a reason to look further, it was the first one I tried and I love everything about it, except a few issues with magical reappearances and weakness..

    I used YSL Kouros - I don't like the notes people complain about.
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    Default Re: Questions about GPH (2003) and some other frags

    You know what you want - GPH!

    Go for it, it IS an excellent fragrance!
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    Default Re: Questions about GPH (2003) and some other frags

    I can tell you don't like girly scents. Those are very woody, and very masculine scents for the most part. If you like the two Guccis then buy them both. Envy is cheap and you can get both for under $60 if you shop online.
    The two YLS fragrances are amazing. I wear M7 all the time and love it but you might find it strange as it is written in the reviews. It is unique among its class of scent. Rive Gauche is very high up in my ratings. You should go to a Sephora and test those two out. Some locations don't have both but you sould find at least one of those there.

    As for your picks... I don't think Envy is something you will really enjoy wearing in the summer. I've owned it and wore it in the winter because of the heavy vanilla and spice that emerged in the drydown of the scent. It would get cloying and not be comfortable in high heat (in my opinion, obviously). I think that Envy is good for really cold wintery days. I also think that Gucci pour Homme is a cooler weather scent although still works in summery days. I think of autumn for this one because you start to get cooler weather and wood fires start to burn to heat up houses, at least where I'm from, and I associate that smell with the wood notes in this scent.
    Alltogether I don't think anything you've chosen is truely meant for the summertime. That is just my opinion and you can do whatever you want.

    So now you know my thoughts on those picks. Good picks but you'll need more to cover the change in seasonal heat.

    P.S. WELCOME!!

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    Default Re: Questions about GPH (2003) and some other frags

    Thanks for replying. I agree with you on my "summer choice", maybe it's not a very good idea to use Envy as a summer frag, I just don't have much experience in wearing good edts.

    I have a few questions left:

    A 3.4 oz bottle of gph would cost about 70 bucks here (and I'm not kidding), Envy has the same price tag, most other frags too. How in the world the prices on e-bay are so low compared to this? What’s the realistic price for a sealed 3.4 oz gph bottle (including shipping to northern europe)? What should I know to avoid any fakes or opened boxes? Where are these frags made? How long does one 3.4 oz bottle lasts?
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    Default Re: Questions about GPH (2003) and some other frags

    I looked on an american site and found each for under $30 in the larger size. A 3.4oz bottle is for someone who is really willing to wear cologne every day and sometimes more than once a day. If you are considering buying multiple bottles then look at getting the 1.7oz size so you save some money. In the long run buying the bigger bottles is usually more financially fit but they are going to last you for a very long time reguardless.

    I don't ever use ebay so I don't know about spotting fakes. I have been told not to buy from anyone under 100% positive feedback to ensure you are getting quality scents. I would use the marketplace here on basenotes first though...

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    Default Re: Questions about GPH (2003) and some other frags

    I don't think you need to worry about fakes for more common fragrances like GPH.. there's just not enough profit margin to make that economical for the counterfeiter.
    You should be able to get a bottle for around $30 plus shipping. Check places like or etc.. loads of those types of sites out there.
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