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    Default how to scent a room?

    know this is going to sound incredibly wasteful, but...
    I have some scents that I don't use on me, but was going to use them to spray as room fragrances. where does one spray them? on furniture? walls?
    I also do have a Creed room spray, but I spray it in the air and it doesn't last very long.
    what do people think?

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    Default Re: how to scent a room?

    I've heard of people spraying their lightbulbs when they're off, let them dry a bit, and then turn the lights on, the heat of the bulb will make the scent go up instead of down, like when you spray just on in the air.
    I like to air-spray it, i generally use tons of Ô de Lancôme. I also like as a room spray EL's Beyond Paradise.
    I seem to forget other "tricks"...anyone?

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    Default Re: how to scent a room?

    I have bought scents that I liked but when it turned out that they just didn't work on me, I had no problem using them as home fragrance, not wasteful in my mind, you're still using and enjoying the scent. I sprayed directly onto the A/C filter and it seemed to last longer than if I just sprayed in the air.

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    Default Re: how to scent a room?

    I have a huge bottle of CK one that seems to have turned just a bit. The topnotes are still intact, but the drydown seems a bit off. I use this bottle to use as a room spray and I also spray my bedsheets with it when they're fresh from the dryer. To scent my apartment, I just briskly walk around & spray up in the air about 7-10 times.
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    Default Re: how to scent a room?

    I find that spraying the walls and carpet seem to last longer than spraying into the air.

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    Default Re: how to scent a room?

    Another user of CK One for the room...

    I spray em on my 3 seater sofa...typically 10 sprays to last the entire evening...
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