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    Default Gendarme prices in europe

    Why is it that Gendarme is so expensive here in Europe?
    Gendarme Green for example is 122,00 Euro at firstinfragrance.
    122,00 Euro

    The same bottle is US$79,00 at ParfumsRaffy

    Can someone explain this to me?

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    Default Re: Gendarme prices in europe

    Must be a case of trans-atlantic price gouging, or distribution markups...

    There are some italian fragrance brands (the names of which I forget) which retail for 20 euros in Italy but $150 in the US !

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    Default Re: Gendarme prices in europe

    Sometimes there is no logic. Last summer at Sephora, they were selling the 4.0 Oz bottles of Gendarme for $12. Look at Montale, the bottles can go for as high as $250 or less than one fifth of that in some regions of the world from what I've heard.

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