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    Default Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    I often use pure perfume (extrait) - they are always sold in small splash bottles, but I usually decant splash bottles into small atomizers. The scent is slightly altered I find when I spray - not sure if pure perfume should really be dabbed on. Anyone of you knows about this?

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    possibly the plastic tube that's soaking in the bottle is affecting your parfums. That's gotta be a pretty sharp nose to detect that.
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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    I am curious too. The small sample I have of the heavenly Tabac Blond is pure parfum, and I put some of it in a small atomizer, and it seemed great, but this remains a good question. Is it unusual/not recommendable to spray pure parfum?

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    I have the splash bottle and the Spray tester of Jicky Parfum and have noticed the difference. As far as all up to the person. I have varified this with other frangrances and other concentrations with the same results. Who knows why the diffrence..perhaps exposure to air, surface coverage, alteration by the plastic in the spray???

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    Not only extrait smells different when it's sprayed instead of being dabbed; you'll realize this difference also with EdP or even EdT (very often a fantastic smelling fragrance out from a sample vial smells disappointing from the spray bottle and vice versa). The reason is the different fragrance diffusion on your skin. When spraying, you cover a wider area on your skin, but with a lower concentration; when you dab a fragrance, you cover only single spots, but it is more intense there. As pure perfume is very concentrated, the difference is even more obvious.
    I don't think the plastic tube in the spray bottle affects the fragrance significantly.

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    I've noticed that I enjoy Frapin - 1270 when it's dabbed opposed to sprayed. However, it's an edp.

    I get the wine/cognac note when dabbed and I get all woods when sprayed.

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Guerlain View Post
    So Gerald, would you recommend dabbing extrait?
    I think it's a personal preference. Try both. Perhaps sometimes, you might like a more wider, finer dispersion. Other times, you might want a concentrated, richer dispersion. I would imagine it also depends on the scent itself, climate, etc...

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    Actyually extraits have been thought to be applied on your pulse points allowing the heat of your body to let them warm up and take fullness and shine, but in a softer and longer way than an edt opr edp, more volatile, therefore made for example to be sprayed even where the temperature of your body is not so high as they don't require that heat to bloom.
    The more a scent is concentrated and hence oily, the less it is volatile, the more it requiries warmth and time to develop and evolve on you.
    So imo to spray a pure perfume, using it even in larger quantities than what's needed and maybe to be applied in points where it won't properly develop and bloom, can be a waste of beauty (and money of course).
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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    It doesn't make a damn bit of difference unless you have a cheap spray mechanism that blasts the the juice out at enormous rates. I own three Guerlain 30ml pure perfume tester spray bottles and find zero difference once the juice has been on your skin for a few minutes. The spray mechanisms are high quality so you can control how much comes out. There are extraits that I prefer to dab on, such as Tabac Blond. Dabbing is fun. My girlfriend especially likes it. She likes me to dab her.
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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    Agree with MikePerez - its definitely a personal preference. I can think of several scents that I had in a non-spray sample vial that I adored when dabbed and then purchased the spray bottle and thought "I think I preferred this when I was dabbing it." (a careful hand can spray a perfume onto the skin so that it wears like it was dabbed) And then there are other scents that I've wondered "I love this when I dab it - I bet its going to ROAR when its sprayed" and I was right.

    I find Aldehydic perfumes to be the most fickle with dabbing/spraying. I wear Chanel No. 5 in pure parfum strength and I really love it and it garners me a lot of compliments - but I can't wear it in the EDT or EDP sprays b/c the aldehydes become too much. Now, I love aldehydes but I definitely notice that aldehyde perfumes have stronger aldehydic properties when sprayed and relatively little aldehyde projection when dabbed.

    So it definitely becomes a matter of personal opinion. Is there a difference? Yes, there can be. It depends on the scent and the wearer and always - the skin.
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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Guerlain View Post
    So Gerald, would you recommend dabbing extrait?
    Although generally I prefer spraying, I dab when it's pure perfume. But as it has been said before - it's all a matter of peronal taste.
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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    does anyone know where to find really good quality spray applicators, ones that shoot a minimal amount at a time so that I can decant my tabac blond extrait into them ?

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    I have over the months bought the same, rather expensive small atomizers for decanting, and although they are totally identical, same brand, size etc, some of them are really good, while others are really bad (making an explosion) - very irritating!

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    Default Re: Pure perfume - good for spraying?

    My Tabac Blond extrait is a 50ml atomiser and it smells great.
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