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    Default Where did my wardrobe go?

    I'm logged in - every page I go to acknowledges this, but when I go to my Wardrobe it shows me the "Basenotes Fragrance Wardrobes BETA" page, telling me I need to log in to see my Wardrobe.
    I realize BN has gone through an overhaul - and now runs a damn site faster than it did previously - but is the wardrobe gone and do I have to start making it all over again?

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    Default Re: Where did my wardrobe go?

    It only works for me when I click my wardrobe icon from my community posts. Don't know why.
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    Default Re: Where did my wardrobe go?

    Yes - I can see my wardrobe now, but only because I made the wardrobe icon visible in the forum posts area. Any other links to the wardrobe don't work. I'd post this to the admins for fixing, but I don't know where that should go.
    Now there's a different problem: I can't add any fragrances to my wardrobe from their Directory page. All I have is:
    Beta: Your keywords and situations for Lonestar Memories: (edit?)

    and the EDIT is a link to some JavaScript which does not work in either of my browsers.
    So all I have is a wardrobe that is uneditable and one that I cannot add to either.

    Please: if you know how to pass this along to Admin to look into let me know.

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