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    Question Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?

    Website is I first saw this on the MSE forum - lots of posters there say their versions of Flowerbomb and Angel are dead on, but I was intrigued to see they do some niche interpretations like Tobacco Vanille and Bond no.9.

    I'm not aware of the feelings on the boards surrounding 'replica perfumes' - they always seemed a bit pointless to me, though my mum discovered she loved a knock-off of Angel without ever having heard of the real thing (small town) and now she gets the real thing for Christmas. I'm also a bit iffy about oils - I went through a BPAL phase but got fed up at the way they were so different from person to person, and different times of the month. But if anyone's had positive experiences, I might give them a go...

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    Default Re: Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?


    I have bought four fragrance oils from perfume parlour recently. Three of them are bang on. I bought the Hypnotic Poison (called Deceive) Chanel no 5 (Shanelle 55, naff name but gorgeous!) Gloria (Glorify) and Diorella (Dorela). Only Dorela doesn't work, it is pleasant enough but doesn't smell like Diorella. The Decieve (Hypnotic Poison) is incredible, it smells exactly like the real thing, lasts for ages, comes in a cute glass bottle in a little pouch and is cheap as chips. I was also thrilled to discover Glorify as I adored Gloria and Cacharel have discontinued it, it is not as good a copy of Deceive but is a very very good likeness. Because they are oils the lasting power is excellent, better than the real thing in the case of Deceive. That's my experience, I would certainly say they are worth a try, I am glad I did. You may be unlucky with your favourite fragrance, I was a bit disappointed with Dorela but three out of four is not bad and for 2.25 for a little bottle that lis looking as though it is going to last for quite a while, it is worth a gamble. I am going to try their version of Lush Karma next, will let you know how iI get on. Jo

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    Default Re: Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?

    Wow, this looks interesting! I will have to check them out. Thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?

    I have since tried another 3 fragrances from Perfume Parlour, Karmaa (Lush Karma) is bang on, Partake (Poison) is pretty damn close and smells gorgeous. I also tried Catchment (weird name) and because I am not familiar with Tom Ford's Black Orchid I don't know if it is a good copy but it certainly smells lovely, really smokey. I don't know how they do it for the price, the little bottles are gorgeous and they come in little pouches as well so would be lovely little gifts for just a couple of pounds. Really worth trying.

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    Default Re: Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?

    I have tried a number of their perfumes.

    I do love Speechless, although I don't think it smells like Tobacco Vanille... it's probably a bit too feminine for me, probably better suited for women in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Perfume Parlour - has anyone tried these 'inspired by' oils?

    I have just received a 30ml spray of their Tendre Poison..... I ordered this because its been discontinued.....OMG! its marvellous. its exactly the same as I remember.....I have only got it today and I already have perfume on so tomorrow I will be wearing it and checking on how long it lasts.....I know the real Tendre Poison used to last 5-6 hours on me, and if this does the same, then I will be so pleased.....and ordering some more.

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