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Thread: The Goth Rosary

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    Default The Goth Rosary

    I recently recieved some samples from them and one of the frags stood out. I however looked at their store and they have mists, lotions, solid and liquid perfumes.
    All of them are substantially cheaper than the liquid perfume considering they are charged $30 for 8 ml. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them and how the solid perfumes worked out or if they just purchased the mist instead?

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    The only Goth Rosary scent I've tried is Crypt, and it didn't do anything for me. Here's my not terribly enthusiastic review:

    "Smells just like artificially flavored 'maple' syrup. Very synthetic, and creepy only if you have a phobia of breakfast condiments. Crypt dries down to a conventional sweet amber base, but with an offputting sour note behind it. Returns to the tomb within a half-an-hour, not to be heard from again.

    Not something I'm going to exhume."

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    I wasn't a fan of a lot of their scents. However, Season Greedings smelt like a great scent for december. I'm looking to alternate it with Un Crime Exotique. I'd recommend looking into it. From the small one use sample I had, I loved it. Where as Un Crime Exotique is when you are snuggled up on the couch with a loved one watching christmas movies as the snow falls outside. Season Greedings is that smell of christmas eve. Ginger bread, christmas trees, and a little cocktail on the side.
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    I love Goth Rosary and have been buying from them for several years.

    They only have a limited selection of scents, but it is a single person with help (as opposed to BPAL, which is a full on company now).

    I just wanted to say...I LOVE is body chemistry that makes up a lot of how a scent will sit on a person....and for someone that gets weird maple syrup or sour scents from it (???) it is definitely NOT for your own chemistry! For me it is amazing!

    I don't bother with scented lotions (I am picky with their feel and stick solely to Gold Bond, neutrogena, and Mary Kay (yeah, oddly enough they make a very good heavy yet not greasy or slimy lotion *shrug*), or solid fragrances (back to the slimy or greasy feel...most appropriate based for solids tend to feel this way for me....and for some reason the smell gets lost/faded very quickly on me with them).

    But there is a difference between the oils and the mists/body sprays. Besides the obvious that the spray is a diluted form of the oil itself. They all are...and it really depends on whether your skin holds onto lotions, water, or thicker oils (shea, cocoa, coconut, etc.) better to hold the fragrances.

    I love Crypt as a spray....haven't tried it as an oil. But Gothic Rose I have as both, and I prefer it as an oil with the Crypt spray layered on top of it.....on me. I'll know soon how I feel about layering the crypt oil instead.

    But all of the scents come in $2.99 sample vials (1ml for the pure oil, 5ml for the body mist), and a 4.99 2oz. "sample"/trial size for the lotion. So you *can* try them out.

    If I didn't already have so many vials and bottles of various scents from them, I would definitely do the vial sampler. $65, but you have a full 1ml vial of pure oil (NOT perfume or toilette water) of each of them. And if you bother using perfume or cosmetic swap sites, or ebay and the're bound to be able to find a cost effective home for the ones that don't agree with you...

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