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    Default Layering accident of the day - HImalaya + Ambre Sultan

    I put on the last few drips of a sample of Ambre Sultan DImples sent me a while back. Then I got to fixing up my damaged bottle of Himalaya. I had broken this little nozzle piece under the sprayer a day after I bought a nice almost full 40z bottle with cap in box for $60 picked up locally! It'd been sitting there for months, but Apis generously gave me a replacement.

    Anyways, it's hard to stick that thing on - perfume is spilling all over the place, and you have to shove it in, but the more you shove, the more spills out. Anyways, I had shoved it in as much as I thought it could go a few days ago, but it wasn't enough, it'd still leak every time I sprayed it.

    So, this time I used a hammer, and it worked. But the point is I got Himalaya all over my Ambre Sultan, and oooh! Lovely!

    I find Ambre Sultan is only good in extreme humidity where sweetness comes out. Otherwise it's too dry and dusty, But Himalaya gives it back the sugar!
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    Default Re: Layering accident of the day - HImalaya + Ambre Sultan

    I was just wondering what I might layer with today's mist of AS later on. Shame I don't have any Himalaya, because dry and dusty is exactly how I would describe AS. Today is perfect for it (it's a grey and misty day), but I don't want to smell dry and dusty when I go out to a gig tonight. I'll probably shower it off and go with Innocent Secret or Narcisso Rodriguez instead...
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