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    Default if you have been ripped off by polkadotpatty check this out:

    Complaints of Internet fraud are processed by the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a joint partnership of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. Simply go to: and file your complaint. It will be an official record, and you will receive a complaint number via email. From there, the IC3 will forward your complaint to the appropriate investigative agency for action. The creation of IC3 is an innovative and successful solution for citizens to have their complaints expeditiously addressed.

    We could forward your complaint to the IC3; however, this would only delay the processing of your complaint, as the IC3 complaint form is very detailed, and requires more information than you have provided to us.

    For your information, the Internet Tip Line (ITL) was created on 9/11/01, in response to the terrorist attacks upon America. We quickly established a mechanism for the public to submit information to the FBI via the Internet, and we have thus far received over 1,500,000 tips from around the globe. Our operation is completely automated and paperless. Professional Support personnel and Special Agents review tips within minutes after they are received and set leads to FBI Field Offices or Legal Attaché offices, as appropriate.

    We encourage you tell your family, friends, and co-workers about this service, and we hope that you will continue to utilize it to submit information that may be of interest to the FBI. Again, thank you for taking the time to forward this report to us.


    The FBI does not maintain an email address to submit information or attachments to directly; therefore, please do not reply directly to this message via your email client. The FBI maintains an automated system that is designed to track all information received, to ensure that all tips are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Therefore, please visit the FBI.GOV Web site again should you have occasion to submit additional information. We WILL NOT open or respond to “reply” email.

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    Default Re: if you have been ripped off by polkadotpatty check this out:

    I have a Chinese toy in my mouth and the dog got some bad food this past Spring and he has a perpetual snarl as he sleeps and dreams.

    but I don't understand the topic line?
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    Default Re: if you have been ripped off by polkadotpatty check this out:

    With a name like polkadotpatty you almost have to love her...


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    Default Re: if you have been ripped off by polkadotpatty check this out:

    I always thought peppermint patty was mean to Charles.

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