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    Default Funky New Layering Experience -- Wow!

    You're never gonna believe this one. Spritzed on Happy for Men for men (got this in a swap from Lightninrod) after showering, then later put on Gaultier2 (swapped Rentboy for this) -- all just for sh-ts and giggles.

    WOWEEEEEE! POW! ZOINK! BIF! BAM, BATMAN! The amber and vanilla from the Gaultier really cut the strong, orange-y citrus of the Happy (but without eliminating it altogether), while the greens and the kuzu from the Happy gave a major "livening" boost to the amber-y, avant-garde Gaultier.

    I may just have to make this serendipitous synergy a regular layering!
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    Default Re: Funky New Layering Experience -- Wow!

    Interesting...I might have to try this. I never would've paired the two, myself!
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