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Thread: Havana | Quorum

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    Default Havana | Quorum

    How similar do basenoters feel these are?

    I finally got a small sample of Havana. I kept thinking that I have smelled this before. Finally, it hit me - Quorum. Although not identical, now I am debating if $90 is worth it for 1.7 oz. of a frag that is in the same ballpark as a $19 bottle of Quorum at Marshalls.

    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    Oh I think that Havana and Quorum are worlds apart. Quorum is very dry herbal tobacco scent. Havana is rich in spices with a under lying sweetness.

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    god, my nose needs so much work then!!!

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    Havana: rum, spices, tobacco; deep and complex

    Quorum: tobacco on top of cloying -- tobacco's the only similarity I see there, and otherwise it's a stretch beyond stretches, IMHO.
    Just my two cents' worth.
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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    Havana and Montana on the other hand are....fraternal (sp) twins....Havana is blue version Montana takes the herbie green route...both good!

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    I have to disagree with the replies here -- I find Quorum to be made up of several of the basenotes in Havana. I already had Havana, and when I got Quorum, it struck me how much it shares.

    No - Quorum does not have the spice or complexity or balance of Havana. Quorum is also strong and has something (civet?) that Havana doesn't. To me, Quorum has only 4 or 5 component notes -- Havana has at least a dozen.

    Since Havana is only in limited world-wide distribution, it's my hope that we can persuade a quality niche house (FM, Creed, C&S) to make a Havana clone -- they'd sell buckets.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    I dont think they similar.
    They might have a similar kind of feel to them but the scents themselves are quite different.

    Havana is light years ahead

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    If I was to compare the overall feel of Havana with another scent, it would be Sung Pour Homme.

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    I agree with the majority here that you're not going to get around shelling out those $90 for the real McCoy. Or perhaps you can let someone pick it up for you in South Africa for pretty nearly the Quorum price .

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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    I still dig Quorum big time though. Nothing wrong with that scent.
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    Default Re: Havana | Quorum

    Quorum was my near-exclusive scent from 1986-2000. I had bottles of Kourus (wife's favorite) and Tsar, but I always want back to the Q. All that seems so long ago now.

    If I was privy to a sample of Havana and it smelled like Quorum, I'd probably laugh my butt off.
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