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    Default Salvador Dali Black Sun

    This one looks very intriguing. Bottle & box look cool too.
    From Now Smell this:
    "The woody fougere has a head of basil absolute, black incense and cedar leaf, a heart of geranium, minty green rose, clary sage absolute and elemi gum, and a base of tonka bean, vanilla and vetiver."
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali Black Sun

    looks good, sounds good, probably will smell good. Thanks Manic
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali Black Sun

    Very intriguing, I want to test it now. Thanks for sharing the info.
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali Black Sun

    I bought this about a month ago but haven't spent much time with it. I'll give you some general impressions for now. At least you may get some idea of what it's like.

    I think the note pyramid is prettty accurate. When I first spray it on it smells warm, heavy, and incense-like. Over time the aromatic elements, the basil, cedar leaf, minty green rose, and sage, come more into play, making the whole lighter and fresher. For a while these notes are quite strong, almost camphor like, but balanced by the incense.

    The incense notes have kind of a Dr. Pepper or Root Beer smell, which reminds me of M7, but without the agarwood. The fresh, herbal notes remind me a bit of Live Jazz. So you could say that Black Sun smells like a blend of M7 (without the oud) and Live Jazz.

    Over time both the aromatic and incense notes fade away and the vanilla, tonka, and vetiver take over. The base isn't that sweet, the vetiver and the ghosts of all those aromatics making sure it stays light and somewhat airy.

    If I try it again soon and notice anything different I'll report back.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali Black Sun

    M7 without the agar? Hmm seeing on how that's what overall killed M7 for me this sparks my interest. The root beer/dr. pepper notes makes me think of sables and opium.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali Black Sun

    Just another comment on the drydown.

    It's pretty subtle, especially considering the forwardness of the aromatic and incense elements which came before, and seems to stay close to the skin. It's only very slightly sweet, and retains just a hint of that root beer smell. To me the drydown has sort of a light, dusty quality.

    As for M7, I don't get much oud out of it at all, only a little bit, which I think is very well integrated into the whole. Perhaps I've been exposed to too many far stronger Arabian ouds since moving to Saudi Arabia.


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