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    Cool Taking care of your fragrance...CREED

    Hi, just starting out and..
    I have a couple questions about fragrance

    1) How long does average CREED perfume and any other mainstream frags in general last until the scent of it change? (considering of buying the 4 oz one, which scent i really like, but I'm not much of a daily basis perfume user kind of guy... you know

    2) Taking your fragrances with you during air trip.. is this bad for your fragrance? I heard from somewhere that due to high pressure your fragrance will be denatured, is this true?

    3) Any tips for storing/using fragrances?

    Thank you so very much!

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    Red face Re: Taking care of your fragrance...CREED

    Oooh, some good questions!

    1) Unfortunately, I'm a Creed virgin so I can't help you there

    2) This could depend. I have taken perfumes on overseas flights as well as had them air-couriered, and I've not noticed any difference in them. However, I have always had them in the pressurized cabin, not in the cargo hold-- that could be a factor?

    3) Just treat your fragrances like fine wines: keep them in a dark, dry place, and bring them out every now and then to marvel at

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    Default Re: Taking care of your fragrance...CREED

    Welcome to BN johhanko

    1) Depends on the fragrance. Frags can last years and even decades without noticable change - it depends largely on how they're stored (see ans. #3 below). If you don't think you'll use it much or you have many to rotate through (like many of us around here), I recommend buying the smaller flacons - 30ml, 50ml - rather than the 100ml and up. The smaller bottles do usually cost more per ml though. My 30ml Silver Mountain Water has lasted me a couple years.

    2) The higher you go, the LOWER the pressure. If anything, the perfume might leak out of the nozzle due to lower pressure outside the bottle than inside. However, perfume is shipped all over the world by plane as well as by ground (from manufacturer to distributer to customer, etc.). Most spray bottles are sealed well enough and the spray mechanism built in such a way that high-altitude pressure change should not cause harm to the fragrance or make the bottle leak (although, leaky Creed bottles do seem to get mentioned around here more often than any other frag). Getting it past security might be your biggest worry. Disclaimer: I've never taken a fragrance on a plane but I've had plenty shipped to me by air with no problems.

    3) Store frags in a cool, dry, dark place; perfume does not play nice with light and heat. Some of the more fanatical members around here store theirs in wine coolers/refrigerators around 55 degrees F. As for 'using' cologne - Here are several threads that you can check out:

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    Default Re: Taking care of your fragrance...CREED

    Thank you MadScientist.

    Thanks for all the replies... it does make sense... those online stores do ship their fragrances using air... good to know, now I'm relieved

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    Default Re: Taking care of your fragrance...CREED

    Actually, now you come to mention it, I have some questions about taking fragrances on planes.

    In the wake of the bomb threats last year, I turned up at Heathrow after checking the instructions and following them but still had to dump my makeup bag, which left me none too chuffed. I know the new regulations say you can take up to 100mls of fluids in bottles and jars that must fit inside a 1 litre clear plastic ziplock bag.
    However, after my experience I don't want to risk turning up at the airport and being told I have to dump an adored bottle of fragrance, so I plan to decant a few of my favourites to travel with.

    Here's what I'd like to know: is it safe to carry decants in your hand luggage or should they go in your checked-in luggage (by 'safe' I mean not likely to leak or get shaken to death). And what are the chances of a rollerball or atomiser decant leaking? With the altitude and all that, what's likely to happen?
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    Default Re: Taking care of your fragrance...CREED

    Hi Wordbird

    Found out airports have different rules, so I do not take the chance eigther to have to dump a bottle.
    A friend going into the States had to dump her plastic bag wich was allowed to go with her at Schiphol Amsterdam, so confused!!!

    The bottle I bought on vacation and the one I got from my daugther there I sprayed few times and put both between my clothes flying back and arrived well.
    I only take minis or sample vials from shop in my checked-in luggage with me, they did not leak so far.
    If rollerball or atomiser decant leak I do not know.

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