I stumbled upon my bottle of Calvin by Calvin Klein today when i was trying to put my summer scents ahead of my winter fragrances.

One spritz on my wrist....and i just knew it that this smell was familiar...Tried hard to think....then realized it was....Feeling Man by JiL Sander........

One spritz of Feeling Man on the other wrist....waited for a few minutes...and.....BINGO.....I was spot on.....Feeling Man smells exactly like Calvin except that its sweeter....

I had a feeling that even Sung homme by Alfred sung had a very very similar dry down...I reached out for my Sung homme bottle....and ofcourse.....

One spritz of Sung homme.....not on my wrist ofcourse...but on my inner elbow......waited for it to settle down....and behold.....I was right.......this thing smelled extremely similar to Calvin & Feeling Man....Sung homme is slightly sharper than the other two though.....

I was looking for some more evidence to really believe that i was not wrong as i didn't really believe that my nose could do such a good job...Where else could i go to corroborate my discovery.....
Basenotes here i come.....

Couldn't find the scent pyramid of Feeling Man

but the basenotes of Sung homme & Calvin were identical.....

CALVIN pyramid

Top Notes
Middle Notes
Base Notes
SUNG Homme pyramid

Top Notes
Middle Notes
Base Notes
The top and the middle notes are not really common but the base notes are identical with the addition of Oakmoss and Cedarwood in Sung Homme. These probably give it that extra sharpness.

It would be great if any of you could post the scent pyramid of FEELING MAN.

Calvin is a discontinued fragrance which was not really freely available but i just checked on ebay that its selling in abundance at an extremely cheap price for a discontinued classic.

Feeling Man ofcourse is harder to find and is surely much more expensive to acquire. Bottles go up to around 120$ for a 3.4oz size.

Sung Homme is freely available in plethora for less than 20$.

Strange isn't it that they are so alike and their pricing is so different.

IMO it would take an experienced nose to really pin point what one is wearing out of the three.