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    Default Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    I bought Arabian Oud's Saif Al Arab perfume oil blend last week and wore it today. Here are my thoughts after one wearing.

    Saif means sword, and the very nice packaging reflects that. The bottle is a removable frosted glass and metal sword which rests upright on a metal stand. To apply the scent you unscrew the metal sword handle and lift the attached metal applicator, like a thin sword, out of its glass sheath. If you want to see what it looks like have at look at this website:

    Click on Traditional Perfumes and go to Page 4 and you'll see a link for Saif Al Arab.

    The note pyramid as given on the website is:

    Topnotes: Cyclamen, Cotton Flower, Indian Rose
    Midnotes: Jasmine, Geranium
    Basenotes: Sandalwood, Oak Moss

    I had to look up several of these ingredients, the cyclamen and the cotton flower. About all I could find was that cyclamen has a citrusy scent and cotton flower is kind of musky. I have no idea how Indian Rose differs from Damascus Rose or Istanbul Rose or Taif Rose or Bulgarian Rose or any other kind of rose.

    I enjoy the opening of this fragrance very much. It's sweet, but also light and soft and airy. The overall smell reminds me of jelly beans or gummy bears or some sort of semi-hard candy rather than of flowers. But the rose comes through, and I can detect a bit of citrus (cyclamen?), which lingers in the background, giving a backbone to the proceedings. There's also some light muskiness, or diffuse softness (cotton flower?), which keeps any one element from dominating. Overall, I find the opening very fresh and appealing.

    As time goes by the cyclamen and rose become a bit stronger and the jasmine and geranium make their presence known. The whole becomes a little less sweet, and I get whiffs of something more earthy, perhaps indolic (jasmine?). Something like mild salt or seawater also begins to waft in and out (geranium?). The overall effect remains soft, fresh, airy, and very well integrated.

    As even more time passes the citrusy, eathy, and salty aromas become even stronger before gradually yielding control to the sandalwood and oak moss, which enter gently. The whole becomes slightly sweeter again, and loses some of its airy lightness. But the drydown still seems light and soft, just not so much as before. I love the soft, gentle, incense-like sandalwood and oak moss base, and it lasts all day. Maybe I'm just a sucker for sandalwood, but this is my favorite part of the scent.

    Saif Al Arab is a winner for me. While it doesn't appear to be very complex at first, there's enough going on to make it interesting. I'd still call it a relatively simple fragrance. But I think that all the elements are very well put together, and its overall softness and airiness make it most pleasant. And that sandalwood drydown smells so good!


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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    Great review. I really love that line. I have a few of them. I went to the paris store and purchased Fajer which to me is one of their best creations. If you like fresh, than this is the way to go.

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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    Thanks Noggs for the awesome review. I will sample it tomorrow and will reply to your thread.

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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    Looking forward to your thoughts, Killer.

    I have second thoughts about some of the comments I make on this forum about various fragrances. I'm pretty new to this (not wearing frags, but thinking critically about them and trying to dissect and describe them), and I'm just now learning how to identify different notes. Frankly, if it weren't for the note pyramids I'd be lost on many scents

    So I'm curious to see which notes you find in Saif Al Arab and how you describe them.

    I bought Siraj the same time I got Saif and will do a review of it later, after I've had time to play around with it. I'm off to Thailand tomorrow night and will be there until Oct. 1, so I might be out of touch for a while.


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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    Have a nice vacation dude in Thailand. Perfect timing, BTW

    Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the mall to test the sword. Will do so tomorrow.
    I'm happy you picked up Siraj and hope you won't regret it. Awesome sultry rose with a smidgen of oud. It grows on you with repeat wearings.

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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    Guys, would you consider Arabian Oud to be a house of high quality or are there better alternatives? With my very limited knowledge of ouds, it's impossible to conclude anything myself.

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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    I am not too familiar with their other items, but I had an opportunity to purchase an 'oud blend from their store in Madinah. I believe it was called Riyadh and it was excellent. The Saif Al Arab sounds very nice as well.
    You are not your perfume.

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    Default Re: Arabian Oud Saif Al Arab - first impressions

    When I was in Medinah I tried this scent and it was simply intoxicating. Yeah it was simple but that is how oils generally smell imho.

    And Arabian Oud is a very well known and high end provider from what I saw.

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