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    Default Any New Fragrances By Cartier???

    Anybody Know If Cartier Is Going To Release Anything Soon?

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    Default Re: Any New Fragrances By Cartier???

    I checked their website but there wasn't anything on it about any new releases.

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    Default Re: Any New Fragrances By Cartier???

    They did release an "Eau Fruitee" flanker of Delices de Cartier earlier this year. Other than that, I haven't heard anything from Cartier.

    But I am very happy that the local Von Maur is now carrying the whole line of Cartier fragrances... they even have the women's Must de Cartier in pure parfum! Previously, most of their other stores carried them, but not the Fort Wayne location. A lot of people were upset here after Cartier abruptly pulled all their fragrances in 2004 from all the May Co. stores (except Marshall Field's), which included L.S. Ayres here in Indiana. Of course, the May Co. stores are now all Macy's, and Cartier pulled their frags from the former Field's stores, too on 9/9/06 (the big conversion day to Macy's).

    The sudden disappearance of Cartier fragrances made people here mad: Both their men's and women's scents had a very loyal following, and people literally kept begging for their return. Von Maur got a new fragrance buyer at the corporate level recently, and they noticed and fixed the problem in a nanosecond.

    Note to self: must try the whole line... it's one of those houses that I have ignored for years.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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