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    Default EDT for work this autumn/winter...

    Can anyone recommend an EDT thats suitable for work(daytime) for the coming autumn/winter?. As its for work, I dont want to spend too much ie £35 max.


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    Default Re: EDT for work this autumn/winter...

    For the last couple of years, Burberry Brit has been my favorite "all around" fragrance for the cooler months.
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    Default Re: EDT for work this autumn/winter...

    I second Burberry Brit. I love to wear Bulgari Omnia, Prada, Dolce Vita, Black Orchid, Organza Indecence, 7 Notes, and Aveda Patchouli. I love to smell these on a crisp cold day. I love the smell of cold air with a hint of wood burning in someone's fireplace and the smell of a nice spicy perfume. It makes me feel warm. I love Angel in the cool months too, but I wear that all year round.
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    Default Re: EDT for work this autumn/winter...

    I am not a fan of Brit for men but you might as well try it.

    I suggest M7, Rive Gauche, Gucci pour Homme if you like dominant woody notes. Otherwise I would suggest Bvlgari Black, Carven Homme, and John Varvatos as potential candidates.

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    Default Re: EDT for work this autumn/winter...

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    Default Re: EDT for work this autumn/winter...

    Carven is a pretty inexpensive buy.

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    Default Re: EDT for work this autumn/winter...

    When the weather turns cooler I'll be reaching for my

    Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo
    Idole de Lubin
    Guerlain Heritage
    D'Orsay Le Dandy
    Escada Pour Homme
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