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    Wow...... I finally made it to 1,000.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

    Well I have to first of all extend Profound Thanks, Kudos, and a big Shout-Out to Grant and Danielle-the phenomenal visionaries of this unique, fun, informative, educational and sometimes addictive forum. I remember the Cologne Guy days....than Basenotes came along and was like a refreshing breeze and look where it is today.

    Grant and Danielle, I also want to extend harty Congratualtions on your new addition Eleanor. Of course we cannot forget Billy. I hope I get to meet you all at the next Basenotes Luncheon...(Hint Hint Hint..)

    Colin, Thanks for all your valuable help and information and laughs you have provided in the past. To all the 'Smellies' you have enlightened me too-stuff not in the mainstream...I am most grateful.

    To all the Basenoters who I have swaped with (some good, some not so good-Sorry) Thanks a billion-through you all I have been able to get my hands on some hard-to-find fragrances. Hmmm..just loving my Havana and still jumping up and down over that...LOL.

    A few years ago I remember clicking into Basenotes at least 10 times a day (and that was during work hours) to see what was happening. The addiction really grew-I was fascinated by some the members hilarious in those days. Creed MI, Silver Mountain Water, Voleur de Roses and Piper Nigrum were hot topics.

    I so do appreciate how some of you have been online transparent and shared your ups-and-downs and emotions whether it be through death, great trauma, births and great celebration. It really is like being part of a family.

    For what I have learned here well it is invaluable. I never would have know about Aedes, now smell this, other websites or been exposed to other great fragrances which are not in the mainstream. Thank You Guys again.

    I have recently just returned from New York (my second home..LOL) I picked up the following:

    Very Cool-Tommy Bahama - I really liked this scent (even though many don't) It does resemble a mojito and it drys down nice on me.

    Set Sail St. Barts for Men-Tommy Bahama - The salty sea spray was not workin for me. I do not like this at all so it will be going in my swaps.

    Narciso Rodriguez for Him-I like this and than I don't. Some of these musk fragrances just don't do it for me. There is something in the dry down that I just don't like. This was a disappointment to me.

    Burberry Summer for Men- Now this is one of the fragrances which gets me compliments. I so enjoy citrus scents and this one was a nice surprise for the summer.

    L'Occitane Citrus Verbena - I love the lemon and grapefruit in this.

    Polo Explorer - This was so boring-this is going on my swaps list.

    West Indian Lime-Crabtree and Evelyn - Limes..Oh yeah...had to have this relaunch. It does remind me of the barbershop but I still like it.

    Lacoste Elegance - Not a fan of chocolate at all. I picked this up because I was in a shopping frenzy and was caught up in the moment.

    Paul Sebastian - Now this juice is as old as 'eight-track'. I went out for dinner one night and smelled this and went and got it just because...LOL

    Green Water - Jacques Fath - I saw Kevins post in July (now smell this) on this fragrance and it piqued my curiosity. So I sent for it and I like it and yes it did work in the heat but......every time I wore it...well let's just say the comments were not favourable.

    Canali Summer Night - The only reason why I purchased this was that I liked the blue It seems that I got one of the last bottles in NYC, or so the SA told me. I really like it for the night even though yet again it is nothing special.

    I have been a bit disappointed by this years fragrance I move on looking for the next exciting thing-well exciting to me anyway...

    I am not quite sure what I am going to purchase for my celebratory fragrance...hmmmmmm???????

    Well enough said here...I have enjoyed my fragrance journey...Thanks one more time to you all.


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    Green Water is an acquired taste. I love it, but it's VERY old school, and surprisingly unisex, to boot. (Odd for a mid-century frag.) Yang, on the other hand, gets me more compliments than just about anything in my wardrobe, and is very, VERY wearable. (Also remarkably versatile, just like Green Water.)

    Kudos on your mille milestone, btw!

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    Default Re: 1,000th Post

    Congrats Otto - here's to your next 1000!
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    Congratulations Otto, wow another 5 star General at Basenotes .

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    Default Re: 1,000th Post

    Congrats Mr O!!!! 1000 already eh!?! LOL!

    Hurrah for Mr O, one of the nicest, most generous Noters I know!

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