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    Default alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    I know this one is also by chris it any good or just plain wierd like alan cumming? The juvenile in me wants to snicker at the name, though i know alan cumming enjoys the use of the double entendre. let me know if this stuff is any good please

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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    Good stuff that smells clean and earthy at the same time. I find it somewhat difficult to describe, maybe someone else here can do better. It's definetly unique, and quite wearable.
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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    Cumming is one of my favorite frags. It is very hard to describe, it starts off very rough but mellows nicely. The peat, mud, cigar and wood notes are all very prominant. My only qualms are the longevity and sillage, they need to be a bit stronger. Aside from that it's quite nice and I can wear it all the time.

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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    There is something in it that annoys me. Can't really pinpoint what it is, but I feel very uncomfortable wearing it. Could be the lavender, which is very prominent.

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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    Didn't it win a Celebrity fragrance of the year here at the Basenotes Awards?

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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    I'm assuming you already read some of the past threads on Cumming, if not see below:

    When I first tried Cumming (as soon as it came out) I instantly hated it. 180 degree turnaround later, I came to appreciate it about a few months ago, thanks to supermarky getting me a decant of it.

    What initially turned me off? A very realistic and tenacious rubber note. The mid drydown note that reminds me ever so slightly of helium gas, or some other chemical (laboratory) gas smell.

    What made me finally 'get' it? The mid note is incredibly hard to describe, but let me try: A roasted hazelnut / soybean accord that is woven thru with the smell of dirt and earth. I have described it before as the smell of mudpies, baked in an oven, with nut topping. Lets face it - this is not a smell you come by every day. Either you like this, or you don't. In the drydown the nut note fades and you're left with mostly a more earthy basenote. I like this - it's not your typical amber/vanilla/patchouli/blahblahblah basenote.

    Mind you - I rarely ever get a compliment when I wear Cumming. I wear it for purely personal reasons. I think it would be the perfect scent for riding a motorcycle (which I don't).
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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    No. Confession time - this was one of my blind buy mistakes. I've tried to like it, but I just can not get past the opening 30 minutes or so and have to wash it off. It has notes that are discusting in their foulness. There is dirt and peat and smoke, but also other kinds of odd smells that don't work for me. Sort of smells like the dump to me - ever been been to a trash dump?? I suppose it could be interesting to someone as a conversation starter, but I would not want to smell this way on purpose.

    If you decide to take the plunge anyway - I've got an almost unused bottle, boxed, I would love to sell. Let me know.

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    Default Re: alan Cumming's frag cumming...any good?

    Hate it...smells like a towel that has been used too many times without being washed...Mildewy...and I cannot get over that to get to the drydown...

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