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Thread: Bourjois ??

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    Question Bourjois ??

    There seems to be very little information on most of Bourjois fragrances in the basenotes directory.

    I have a scent bottle - Masculin 2 by Bourjois and absolutely love it.
    I remember having bought it in Singapore around 12 years back. To my mind it still smells the same at i used to. Today after a long time i sprayed it on the back of my hands and i realized i still love it as much as i used to.

    I have tried digging for information on it on google, ebay and ofcourse on basenotes but haven't been able to garner any info on the fragrance notes of this one. I thought maybe if i can't find Masculin 2 i could try to look for its substitute.

    My nose is not such that it can identify individual fragrance notes but i can surely smell lemon and geranium and/or rose in it.

    It would be great if someone could provide me any info on this.

    Thanks in advance.


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    All I know is that is was launched in 1975 and that it is classed as an aldehydic green floral.

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    It makes my heart glad to meet someone who enjoys Masculin by Bourjois. Sorry about my English - it's not very good, but i hope you understand me.
    I'm from Bulgaria and live in Sofia. Here you can buy Masculin 2 - about 10-12 112 ml but may be it's an imitation ( fake) - Bulgaria is the kingdom of the imitations.
    I have saw 4-5 variety Masculin in our shops. The last one was Masculin Unique - in my opinion it's as close to harmony with Masculin 2.
    Otherwise my favourite Masculin by Bourjois is Masculin Vetyver and Or Masculin.
    If you have any information about it much whence to buy them I'll be happy to help me.
    Boyko Evstatiev

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