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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    Mike Storer. He did a custom cologne for me and it's great, and very addictive.

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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    Germaine Cellier. No other favourites.

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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    Laura Tonatto (Carthusia, Tonatto)
    Bertrand Duchaufour (Colonia Assoluta-Acqua di Parma, Parfums Series 1 Leaves: Calamus-Comme des Garçons, Eau d'Italie-Eau d'Italie, Timbuktu-L'Artisan Parfumeur)
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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    I've felt great respect for the following perfumes, long before I learned that they have all been created by the same perfumer of the now generation:

    Miracle Homme has always puzzled me. And that began with instant aversion: seemingly cold, almost edgy – just like some persons who used to wear it in 2003 or 04. I now appreciate it as something quite extraordinary, but totally wearable: hot energy under an icy surface. I had to pass on*Le Male. I didn’t try hard either. Having a general preference for simplicity, the bottle seemed a bit outrageous when I first saw it. So what? LM has been extremely successful around the globe.

    I heard good things about *Rose Barbare but never came closer. Even the more am I glad to have become familiar with one single iris perfume which I love: *Iris Nobile. Small wonder that I consider it as ADP’s best. More Flowers, a second 'Male': *Fleur du Male is a beautiful fragrance and perfect during the summertime - love it!

    I shall not even try to find the proper words describing what the three Dior Exclusives mean to me, each of them pulling different strings.
    I am simply happy with *Cologne Blanche, *Eau Noire and Bois D'Argent /Slimane - parting gifts to the house of Dior. (click):

    Francis Kurkdjian

    (my post 2000)

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    'Il mondo dei profumi è un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Olivia Giacobetti and of course Jacques Guerlain
    "It is the mark of a brave man to admit defeat, cut his loss and move on." - David Ogilvy

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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    Aimé Guerlain
    Jacques Guerlain
    Ernest Beaux
    Ernest Daltroff
    Edmond Roudnitska
    Henri Robert
    Guy Robert
    Jacques Polge
    Jean-Paul Guerlain
    Edouard Flechier
    Dominique Ropion
    Jean-Claude Ellena
    Annick Goutal
    Patricia de Nicolai
    Andy Tauer
    Pierre Montale

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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    Jacques Guerlain is the greatest perfumer of all time.

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    Default Re: Favourite Perfumers?

    Jacques Polge.
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