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    Default Care for a Coke? How about some Covet?

    How's this for convenient? These are all over the Florida Mall. Not a bad "low pressure" marketing tactic However, it seems it would knock any prestige a fragrance might have right out the window.

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    Default Re: Care for a Coke? How about some Covet?

    If other companies adopted that approach I'd definitely try more fragrances. I just wish more SAs would give samples instead of looking at you like you're some kind of alien.

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    Default Re: Care for a Coke? How about some Covet?

    I saw some of these Scentester auto-spritzers at the ritzy Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indianapolis, and it was also pushing Covet at the time. Most of the Simon malls have these now.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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