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    Default Allergic to Gucci Envy (new formula, serious questions)

    I think I’m allergic to Gucci Envy for men

    First of all I’d like to apologize for any problems with my English. Here’s the situation:

    I went to the store to try Gucci pour homme, applied about four sprays to the neck and a shot of Gucci Envy to my right wrist. I remember the smell of a harsh/bitter note and that something was wrong about it, but it dried down on me very quickly and in a few hours the scent of Envy was completely gone from my wrist. Two weeks later I went to the store again and did the same thing, except this time I sprayed envy only on a card and took an additional card with gucci pour homme on it. I remember sniffing both cards all the time – the rest is history: within 4 hours all of these things, began to occur, except skin rashes and asthma:

    Keep in mind that my favorite scent is Gucci pour homme and I still haven’t bought it – just tried a few times. The thought that I might be allergic to GPH too, just kills any interest in colognes to me. It’s like getting an STD after having your first sex. I’ll keep my fingers crossed hoping that I’m allergic to Envy only. Of course I tried to remember what exactly happened 2 weeks ago, and I’m 100% sure that what I took as a cold back then, was actually a weaker allergic reaction to Envy, It wasn’t so irritating, because I had Envy on a wrist (not on a card).

    Any conclusions you can make, based on what I said? The main thing I’m worried about is that I might be allergic to pour homme too. Do people usually get allergy from particular chemicals or from entire components? e.g. amber, incense/olibanum, ginger – these are the ones both of these scents share.

    I suspect that if a particular component of Envy is to blame, then its probably the one which stays for a longer time on a card. If I’m allergic to pour homme too, then this component is less likely to stand out on a card, because I remember smelling a card of gph a month ago and I don’t remember having any problems during that day.

    By the way, what exactly happened with Envy’s formula? I’ve read some threads about it. Does it smell cheaper or worse?

    I'll appreciate any replies. Thank You.

    P.S. I'm not allergic to anything else (as far as I know)
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    Default Re: Allergic to Gucci Envy (new formula, serious questions)

    Allergies and fragrances are indeed a problem for some poor guys like you and me. Gucci Envy was the first fragrance I purchased, but I had to sell it after a few weeks because I noticed, that I got serious allergic reactions in form of asthmatic spasm.
    Actually my interest in perfume started after this, cause I started to sniff all kinds of fragrances, trying to find out which components I react to (and of course enjoying a lot of different fragrances).

    Now to your question: the easiest way to find out, if you are allergic to Gucci pour homme, is to get a sample and where it several times, you'll notice allergic reactions.
    It is not easy to find out specific allergic components, because people can be allergic to almost everything and only a small part of a perfumes components is listed on the box. These are however the most potent and common allergic components (like isoeugenol, cinnamal, oakmoss, treemoss...). Allergic reactions also depend from the amount of the allergen you're exposed to. So trial and error is the way to go.
    Allergologists can test almost every substance if you ask them to. After that you'll perhaps know, that you're allergic to everything. The result of those tests and you're reactions to the substance in nature or fragrance are however only partially correlated.

    So, don't give up easily, there are a lot of fantastic fragrances out there, that will work fine with your nose or whatever problems you got.

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    Default Re: Allergic to Gucci Envy (new formula, serious questions)

    The component that might be the trigger here is cedarwood; this component at least with myself causes some allergy, as well as other wood based frags, regardless which wood,;cedar, sandal,etc.
    I established this by trying different frags with a strong wood base...
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    Default Re: Allergic to Gucci Envy (new formula, serious questions)

    I can't wear Eternity, no matter how much I like it. I get a rash wherever I put it on, no matter how much.

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