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    Default recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    I have had the best luck with recommendations from Basenotes members! Hopefully the more my nose gets around, the more I'll be able to pass along similar advice to others in the future.

    I’m looking for a few suggestions for the woman I’m dating. She likes fragrances, but hasn’t explored them too much. Yet! (Luckily she is curious.)

    She’s 24, creative, witty, extroverted, & energetic. She dresses in a flirty, feminine way (never wears pants - it’s almost always short skirts or shorts), and she likes t-shirts with silly quotes or cartoons on them. She dresses up occasionally, and is more professional for work, but she is generally more of a casual dresser. While she admits having fairly mainstream tastes, she is an artist and loves trying new things - she’s rarely traditional.

    She owns just a few, mass-market type fragrances, her favorite being CK Euphoria. When I said, "Oh, you like the creamy berry notes?" she said she actually liked the hint of muskiness it has on her skin. She has a few frags from Anchor Blue that she likes but says do not last long enough, and she has a bottle of Curve, which I think she likes. On the other hand, she was given a bottle of DKNY Be Delicious, which she doesn’t care for. (Anyone want to swap? Seriously!)

    I let her try a few of my frags, and interestingly, she liked two that are nothing like Euphoria: Voleur de Roses, and Nocnitsa by Black Phoenix (which has notes of fir and moss). (If it makes any difference, men’s fragrances she likes on me are Marc Jacobs, Rive Gauche PH, and The Body Shop’s Javari.) Any ideas which fragrances we should direct our noses toward when we hit the department store counter? Thanks.

    - Rob
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    Default Re: recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    Mmmmm..... From the portrait of your girl I think to NINA by Nina Ricci.
    A new sparkly young perfume with musk notes.

    Top note : Calabrian Lemon, Caipirinha Lime

    Middle note : Love Apple, Peony, Fleur de Lune, Praline

    Base note : Apple Tree, White Cedar, Musks
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    Default Re: recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    If she likes frags that are kind of musky on the skin, she may like Black Orchid, Alien, Omnia, Organza Indecence, Angel, London - Paul Smith, Cinema - YSL....

    The Alien, Angel, and Black Orchid have that similar effect on my skin. The Euphoria has the same effect on my skin as well. Those 3 give off kind of a sweetness like the Euphoria does too. The others I mentioned have that musky smell on my skin, but not much sweetness

    Good luck. She's lucky to have a BF that is willing to go shopping with her LOL!!
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    Default Re: recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    Thanks, nyneve and Divatologist. I remembered another fragrance she really liked, having smelled it on a friend: Danielle by Danielle Steel.

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    Default Re: recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    I know you won't find it at the department store, but had you considered Musc Ravageur? Jicky may work well for her as well, with that lovely citrus/lavender blast at the top and the mossy, musky drydown. She sounds great - I hope you have a brilliant time shopping!

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    Default Re: recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    Jicky - good idea!
    I was going to be very blah and suggest Eau Dynamisante from Clarins - it's what I gave my fragrance-phobic sporty sisters-in-law.
    Though a slightly different tack would be to read through the descriptions on the Ava Luxe or CBIHatePerfume websites and choose a few samples to try at home. They're both very creative perfumers, which might appeal to her.
    And I agree that she sounds great and she's lucky to have a boyf who's so generous and thoughtful. Hope you find something marvellous.
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    Default Re: recommendations for energetic, creative young woman I知 dating?

    Juicy Couture
    Champs Elysees or Insolence by Guerlain
    Burberry Brit
    Flower by Kenzo
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