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    Default Niche fragrance suggestions...

    I would like to order some samples from Lucky Scent or Aedes to give to my best friend for her 40th birthday so she can choose what she likes best and I will then purchase her a full size bottle. She exclusively wears Angel. I am looking for some suggestions from all of you experts on niche fragrances of what to order. I am not looking for something similar to Angel. Thanks

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    Frederic Malle's Iris Poudre!
    I say that because I absolutely adore it and everyone who's ever smellt it on me says how nice it is. It's not 'challenging' but it is beautiful and very womanly. (And this from a lass who lives in jeans.) And I think it's something you need a bit of age behind you to be able to wear.

    Since you're in the US what about a few of the CBIHatePerfume smells? They're very different and interesting, especially if your friend is literary or creative. They do sample vials from the website.

    And of course there's the lovely Ava Luxe - she does great samples and the descriptions on the website are excellent, so you might well be able to choose somethign that sounds exactly like your friend. Is she a Madame X, a Film Noir or a Silk?
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    Lucky Scent has a page they call "Top Picks," and that might help narrow the field. L'Artisan is my favorite house, and I see La Chasse aux Papillons makes it into two divisions of their top-picks lists.
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    Please pm me if you/she would like to try some L'Artisan scents that I own. Well, and any non-Artisan scents, I will see what I can do about it! :wave:

    On the subject: I agree, it is very difficult to select -- too many of them! First, please cross out the fragrances with the notes that she absolutely cannot stand, like, for example, no carnation, or no blackcurrant, or no insence. After that try to figure out whose taste on the board is somewhat similar to hers and check their Wardrobe and rating (hint: we have many Angel weareres here, typing "Angel" in a search box might reveal some identities!) . Then read some reviews here in the Directory or on MUA or on Lucky Scent. And the final step is to figure out the price range for a full bottle, like say, the limit is NO MORE than $ 120 for a 100 ml bottle -- and you guys have an advantage! -- if both of you try and fall in love with the same scent, you will be able to split the bottle! From these sites and if in your shoes, I would try:
    My top pick for her would be Anne Pliska!
    La Sireneuse Sienne d'Hiver, Paestum Rose;
    Diptique Philosykos, Opone;
    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Douce Amere, Fleurs d'Oranger;
    Parfums d'Empire Eau Suave;
    Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia;
    Heeley Cardinal;
    Miller Harris Noix de Touberose; Fleur Oriental; Terre de Bois;
    Patricia de Nicolai -- go by your gut feeling;
    Delrae -- same as above.

    Please let us all know what you decided on!
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    I agree with most of the recommendations above.

    I think everyone should try: L'Air du Desert Moracain by Tauer, atleast once.

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    Serge Lutens - Rousse, Sa Majeste La Rose, Miel de Bois, A La Nuit, Chergui (if you can get it). Oh and Ambre Sultan of course!

    Also try out Annick Goutal Songes if you can. Glorious.

    And finally, the piece de resistance, Shocking by Shiaparelli. Glorious times 1,000. The finest of them all IMO (still my top fave).
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    She is familiar with Songes, it is in her Wardrobe!

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    I recommend Montale's Blue Amber. It's very special, cool and warm at once like gray velvet, very solid and elegant.
    I'm also very fond of Bois Farine-- I get anise, wheaty peanut butter and cedar chest. I crave it.

    Most of my other favs are ones in your own wardrobe/tested list.
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    Thanks for all the recommendations. When I get my act together I am going to sit down and order lots of samples!

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    tdi be careful lol. I got so carried away that by the time I finished I had gathered up about 22 samples and still was looking for more. I just kept saying ooh I want to try that. Ooh I want to try that one too. I was clicking up a storm lol. I Haven't even gotten past the M's yet lol.
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    Parfums Delrae: Bois de Paradis, Amoureuse.
    Serge Lutens: A La Nuit, Ambre Sultan, Clair de Musc
    MPG: Tubereuse, Bahiana, Or Des Indes
    Ebba: Miss Marisa
    Keiko Mecheri: Loukhoum, Gourmandises, Scarlett
    L'Artisan: La Chasse Aux Papillons, Voleur de Roses
    Montale: Black Aoud, Aoud Roses Petals, Aoud Velvet
    Parfum d'Empire: Cuir Ottoman
    Profumum: Fiori d'Ambra
    Susanne Lang: Midnight Orchid

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...,,,!

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    I would highly recommend Iris Poudre and Sienne l'Hiver.

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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    There's some great recommendations already in here. I'd also recommend Hermessence Ambre Narguile, close to Angel in character, just a rich ambery honeyed confection.

    Chergui, Fumerie Turque, Le Labo Patch, Annick Goutal Eau de Fier are all good smokey rich fragrances.
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    Default Re: Niche fragrance suggestions...

    I concur with others who have recommended Ambre Sultan. A few others worth trying for someone who likes Angel: Diptyque's Eau Lente, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Ambre Precieux, and Santa Maria Novella's Opoponax.

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