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    Default L'Eau D'Issey Color

    Moved from another thread as I changed topic. I doubt it but wondered if concentrations can change between bottles? I purchased my Issey from a seemingly reputable online retailer which had 1500 positive reviews and no complaints about product quality. I was a bit worried about the box as it didn't have the blue stripe; but one department store had the stripe box and one didn't so I'm sure its okay; anyone know if either is newer stock?

    Anyway mine looks like this
    whereas the department store ones were much yellower like on here

    I see pictures of both colors and possibly somewhere in between all over the internet, is it common for it to be variable, did it change at some point or is it perhaps being left out that changes its color? I just suspected that the stronger looking one is going to last longer. I haven't been able to compare all that well with one in the store as I was piling so many others on that day but it certainly smelt familiar (as you'd expect). Mine does seem to fade pretty fast but its probably olfactory fatigue.
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