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Thread: grow beard?

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    Default grow beard?

    Does anybody know anything that might help growing beard fast???

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    Default Re: grow beard?

    An old wives tale suggests increased bloodflow to an area stimulates hair growth.

    If you want to make it look like it's growing faster, shave the area adjacent to the line of the beard daily. In contrast to the freshly shaved area next to it, the beard will appear longer.

    Good luck...


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    Default Re: grow beard?

    Lots of information on that and all other beard-related issues here:
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    Default Re: grow beard?

    Your beard's going to grow in at its own speed - there's no good way to "rush" it. In contrast to MikeyQ's post, I'd counsel against shaving around it until you have a good base going. That way, it's going to make the transition all the more dramatic.

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    Default Re: grow beard?

    Vitamins, healthy diet, biotin, shave regularly and that stimulates faster hair growth as well, supposedly.
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