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    Default Perfumes containing weird / unidentifiable notes

    One of my standard top ten favourite fragrances is Racquets Formula.It was love at first sniff. I loved it because it contained a strange unidentifiable note that set it apart from anything else, (at least so I thought). Two decades later I ordered Extravagance DŽAmarige for a customer in my shop. It was discontinued so I could only get hold of it in the form of a tester, (which gave me the chance to have a tiny spray and get to know this fragrance). To my astonishment it contained the same weird note as in Racquets.
    It is very hard for me to descibe this note. I see it as yellow, perhaps a daffodil note.
    It is a constant note that never goes away, rather like the mysertious lilac / hyacinth note in the first Nino Cerruti fragrance for men.
    Very recently I discovered a third variant of this wacky yellow note in the discontinued Yohji Yamamoto, (womens). One reviewer of this perfume describes it as a green note that leaps out and punches you in the face !
    It would be interesting to hear your tales of perfumes containing weird notes.

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    Default Re: Perfumes containing weird / unidentifiable notes

    Well, take a handful of Comme des Garcons fragrances and you can be busy for hours trying to identify the weirdest notes in the industry.

    Comme des Garcons 3 (my sotd today) smells like nothing out on the market...I still don't know what to call some of these notes. Electrified fruit and flowers, perhaps? Guerilla 1 smells like a butcher shop, a little (blood, meat). Garage smells like automotive parts. Odeur 53 smells like....a bunch of weird stuff (copier toner cartridge ink, dust, etc...). Calamus smells to many, like Count Chocula cereal. Guerilla 2 smells just like marijuana burning. Comme des Garcons 2 has a very pronounced ink note (black ink, oily and strong).
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    Default Re: Perfumes containing weird / unidentifiable notes

    ... and Play smells like twisty citrusy Matchbox car blister packaging! Huzzah!
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!
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