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    Default New frags: Jil Sander Man, Diesel

    Any thoughts on these?
    I caught a quick whiff and I my first impression was: Sander is really really thin (or I'm anosmic). Cool bottle, that's it. Diesel is boring citrus, but at least it smells, and quite decent at that. But interesting is different.

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    Default Re: New frags: Jil Sander Man, Diesel

    I think there is another thread buried here that talks about the new Diesel, and what you've already said is the basic consensus.

    Personally, I found it insanely fruity and sweet. Not my bag at all!
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    Default Re: New frags: Jil Sander Man, Diesel

    I thought the Diesel Fuel for Life for Men smelled prominently of anise (licorice) not citrus, but perhaps this was just my skin. Didn't like. The one for women is very good, I will resniff next time I see it.

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    Default Re: New frags: Jil Sander Man, Diesel

    Geez...I had Jil Sander Man penciled in as a 'want to try'. Oh well.

    My 'want to try' list is dwindling fast....

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