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    Question What is 'Huile Parfumee'?

    I came across this Creed Silver Mountain Water being sold here. The Creed bottle says 'Huile Parfumee' on it and the seller in the item description says it is the same thing as the millesime except that this has an oil base.

    Now what is this oil base business? How does it compare to the 'normal' SMW?

    Any information on this would be great.

    Thanks for your help, in advance.


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    Default Re: What is 'Huile Parfumee'?

    I've tried these at Neiman Marcus. I think they only make them in ZMP, SMW, and Spring Flowers. It comes in a 2.5 oz spray bottle for around $100 retail. The scent are oil based with no alcohol so they are somewhat mosturizing and much more subtle than the millesimes. They all smelled creamy and stayed close to the skin. I really liked them.
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    Default Re: What is 'Huile Parfumee'?

    This seems to be the version for Muslims. Traditionally, Muslims prefer to wear perfumed oils. I have just bought Cool Water (oil): the same fragrance but with a slightly different effect (less sillage, higher concentration, extended longevity). I plan to get Antaeus next. These versions are cheaper if produced in eastern countries.
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