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    Default Must-have Tuberose?

    I have developed an addition to tuberose fragrances. So far I have bought Fracas, Renee's Tuberose, Club Parfumerie's Tuberose, and I like them in that order.

    Can anyone suggest other must-have tuberose fragrances I should add to my wardrobe? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Hi chengfun, a big welcome!

    Likewise, I am a tuberose fan... I have discovered Ava Luxe's TUBEROSE DIABOLIQUE luxe and Tuberose. They are brilliant and relatively reasonable in terms of pricing.
    I also like Fragile Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier. It smells luxurious.
    If I have some spare money, I think Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums is also a very good choice.
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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Carnal Flower comes top of my list, closely followed by Tubereuse Criminelle and Fracas. Mahora is also wonderful (and although it's discontinued, it's almost always available on eBay).

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Try L'Artisan's Tubereuse-- very creamy.

    Or Michael Kors is a light tuberose based scent.
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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Frederic Malle Carnal Flower (tuberose, citrus, coconut - more unisex than the other two)

    Serge Lutens Tuberose Criminelle (love the opening)

    Creed Tuberose Indiana (lush floral with ambergris; note: if stored improperly, the tuberose note in this evaporates fast)
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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Aedes has a beautiful Tuberose fragrance called Shalini. It is priced beyond this universe but it worth purchasing a sample. The best Tuberose I have EVER found!
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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coconut View Post
    Hi chengfun, a big welcome!

    Likewise, I am a tuberose fan... I have discovered Ava Luxe's TUBEROSE DIABOLIQUE luxe ......
    DITTODITTODITTO!! Just got TD today (it was a blind buy) and it surpasses Carnal Flower in preference for me right now. Rich, plummy with no harsh edges. Voluptuous. You gotta try it! (Her Shopping Cart is shut down for now - but read the blurb here:
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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    JAR Bolt of Lightning blew my mind. Seriously intense - the name suits it. I deeply love Carnal Flower, and Jo Malone Tuberose as well.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Tubereuse from Caron is quite pretty as well.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    My favorite intense tuberose/coconut scent is Margaretha Ley by Escada.
    Versace's Blonde is also fantastic IMHO.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Count me in for the Tuberose Lover Club
    Some of my favorites are:

    Cedre by Serge Lutens
    Tubereuse Couture by Parfumerie Generale
    Noix de Tubereuse by Miller Harris
    Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle
    Poême by Lancôme
    Boucheron Femme by Boucheron
    Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera
    Tuberosa by Fresh
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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    MPG Tubereuse is my favorite, one of a select few that acts as a weapon of mass seduction on me. Tuberose, rose, and jasmine, over a base of musc and ambergris. Captivating. Stunning.

    Add another vote for Jo Malone Tuberose as well. My terse review:

    White flowers blooming against a midnight blue sky. Opening slowly to share their secret scent only with each other and the stars towards which they gaze. It carries a warmth that is sensual and, at times, erotic, as also found in Malle's Carnal Flower.

    Carnal Flower has an incredible tuberose presence as well.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    My vote is split between Carnal Flower and Tubereuse Criminelle. Luckily the two are different enough that I can justify owning bottles of both.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Oh gee...and just when I thought I'd stop for a little while, a tuberose thread! Of course, you've all made every suggestion sound wonderful, too. I have Carnal Flower and Fracas. If I want good sillage and longevity as well as wonderful tuberose, what else should I try?

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    I agree with Sloan: MPG's Tubereuse is incredible.
    I can't wear it in the heat, but I love it in cool weather, it's very smooth, buttery and full bodied.
    Carnal Flower took some getting used to, for me, but if you can wait for the drydown, you get the scent of the living flower.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    THere's a new one, or rather a re-formulated one. Estee Lauder's Private Collection, Tuberose Collection. I just sniffed it today at lunch. It's very heavy on the tuberose.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Quote Originally Posted by dimples View Post
    THere's a new one, or rather a re-formulated one. Estee Lauder's Private Collection, Tuberose Collection. I just sniffed it today at lunch. It's very heavy on the tuberose.
    Agree - I love Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. However, you have to like gardenia with your tuberose to like this one.

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    the new Bond at Saks Dna has tuberose mixed with gardenia and jasmine but a twist of vanilla and vetiver i love this one a great combo

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    Thumbs up Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    I think Marc Jacobs Blush is very Tuberosey. I had a 5ml Mini that really grew on me - even though Tuberose is not my favourite floral note. But after having Blush - I recognise it anywhere!

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    Well, i think Carolina Herrera's Carolina Herrera scent is a must have, also:

    Velvet Tuberose by BB&W (a watery tuberose)
    No22 Chanel (the dense tuberose)
    White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor (the strong tuberose)
    Pure White linen (a very fresh tuberose)
    Michael by Michael Kors (a "new" tuberose)
    Vera Wang's Princess (the fruity-floral soft tuberose)
    Boucheron for women (the elegant tuberose)

    you have Fracas already (the strongest tuberose)...

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    Default Re: Must-have Tuberose?

    I have been looking for a soft, lightly scented fragrance with tuberose notes and ordered Cartier's Panthere Eau Legere this week based on reviews, it also has gardenia in it. I like tuberose every now and then, but most of the scents are too heady for me and I tire of them very quickly. Hoping this works out, beautiful bottle and got a great deal at imaginationperfumery with the 10% discount code (I posted it in the appropriate section, if interested.)

    Update: Reminds me somewhat of Un Jardin Sur le Nil by Hermes, but I am not really fond of unisex type scents, even though this wasn't advertised as one. Oh well... not really what I was looking for. The grapefruit and green mandarin are pronounced at first, but blend nicely in the dry down. I just can't seem to wear grapefruit, so I give up on that note.
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