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    Default Cold Weather! Yes!

    So, I haven't been posting here this summer. That's because my taste in summer perfumes is pretty pedestrian. Lots of citrus, lots of white flowers, and a bit of fruit are all I really require. Most of the time, I go (sssshhhh) scentless. But cold weather perfume is a different matter. I really go all out when that hits. So, as I've been rotating my collection to fit the season, I'm thinking about the perfumes that I am most excited to put back on my list. Here they are:

    Narcisse Noir
    Parfum Sacre
    Tabac Blond (why yes, there IS a theme here)
    Angel (I don't like it on other people, but I like it on me - go figure)
    and a new love, Black Cashmere.

    How about you? Do you have any favorites that you wear ONLY when it's cold?

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    My cooler weather scents.... Armani Attitude, Armani Prive Amber Soie and Cuir Amethyste, Armani Pour Homme, M7, Angel Men, Safari, Polo Crest, Comme des Garcons 2 EdP and CdG Man, CdG White and CdG #3, Extreme Polo Sport and Polo.
    These are some that I only wear when it is cold or at least cooler than it has been.

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    No 1. Black Cashmere As colder - as better

    Aimez-Moi - Can work for summer to
    Vol de Nuit
    Gianfranco Ferre 20
    I have som L'Artisan samples which will be nice in cold weather to.

    I have never tried Narcisse Noir or Nuit de Noël. I guess those would be nice to.

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe--woody, soft, a hint of coffee.

    Djuna, if you need more Black Cashmere, let me know. Quinpus gave me some last year, and I'm not as drawn to it as once was.
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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    Was just passing a bottle of Narcisse Noir around a group of similarly minded friends this evening (much like a hashpipe, only legal). One guy who hadn't smelled it before said 'Good God! It's like your grandmother's fur coat! This'd be fantastic in the snow. With a mink hat.'

    Roll on winter!

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    I'm pretty seanonless with scents EXCEPT Donna Karan in the black & yellow swan bottle. I tried the suede and spice cocoction in the heat of summer & BLEH!! It was so awful I can't express how overpowering it was. It needs the cold to bloom properly.

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    Coco. I am sure it smells divine in the summer too . I received my first botlle for Christmas one year and it always reminds me of that time of year .

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    Coco, Mitsouko, Narcisse Noir, Poivre, A Fleur de peau, Cuir Mauresque, Un Bois Sépia, Fumerie Turque, Douce Amère, Omnia, Bandit...
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    I, too, am so very glad that the cooler weather is almost here. I love autumn and early winter -- although, I can do without the blah, rainy wet Novembers that we have here.

    My cooler weather scents are the incensey ones and the smouldering hot and heavier orientals.
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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    For cold weather I would probably go for something spicy and oriental or maybe incency.Examples are Shalimar,Nu edp &Trouble perhaps...Oh,and Opium fleur Imperiale also comes to mind.
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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    It was so hot here all summer, I just wore L'Occitane Verbena (citrus) or Eau de Recolte Bleue at night (lavender, freesia, peach) if that. I didn't buy anything new. But now that the heat is broken, I've been working up a list and just purchased two I've been looking at for a year and never sniffed. Couldn't help myself and those bottles.

    Panthere Eau Legere by Cartier and Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant.

    Great reviews on basenotes for the Jungle L'Elephant, once I finally got on to see them! lol I'm just getting started...
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    Default Re: Cold Weather! Yes!

    i dont usually confine scents to seasons but i'm looking forward to summer where i can wear more fruity scents... save the heavier ones for winter

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